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Extenuating circumstances are those situations that place us to behave in a manner that doesn’t reflect our behavior. It’s a justification of our failures or successes in a particular attend of progress in our lives. Giving me the opportunity to justify why grades are always down, has made me to reflect on my past life experience. I have been in a private school for most part of my life, renting an apartment around the institution to carry out my studies.

After reflecting on my past life behaviors in school have come up with some of the things that might be affecting my grades. Grade improvement defines the successful skills of a person being attentive and understanding. When my grades tend to remain constant or declining, it means that I have not been a good listener to the class sessions. Perhaps my mind is always thinking of what to do during the weekends or after class.

Some of the reasons why my grades test are not good can be justified and avoided, some cannot be avoided reasons not clear to my understanding. My family life style comprises of parties and luxurious expenses. We go out during the weekends on family retreats or with friends just hanging out together. Some of the activities of the family I cannot avoid as it forms part of the traditions practiced. Friend visits during the weekend and family programs during the weekend may have an effect on my grades. I have found it very difficult to read during this occasions because of the mental destructive caused by my system getting used to the life style. During weekends when I try to concentrate with my academics its either I get destructed from the family members or friends. They invite me out for a function of celebration which might be difficult to avoid. I try avoiding them but find it difficult to concentrate after receiving such information.

During the last exams period a felt sick, my grades would not be better because of the time I lost during treatment and recovery. My illness made me to be out of the school for some period of time before we sat for the test. I would not concentrate because of the misfortune that happened to me. During the same time before the illness I went out for a trip with my family members to visit my grandparents. Due the demand of grandfather and grandmother I had no option but to accompany them to the place. I would find less time of concentration on my studies, most of the time we were in the firm assisting them with the firm activities.

When we travelled back from upcountry I found some of the lessons covered were wide. I read and understand at a lower rate, I would not comprehend all those topics covered in class within that short period of time that remained. Moreover, most of the things covered when I was away contributed to the larger part of the exams, so I would not give a detailed explanation as per the examiners requirements. The period I felt sick, other students took several quick tests in the class which contributed to the end of the semesters exams. The teachers explained that there was no chance for another test so I was not in a position to compute favorably in the class.

Being new in the school system gives me time to learn and understand the way they operates. The grades tests are slightly slow because of the adjustments I have to make. Adapting to the environment and school activities slowly gives me the urge of working hard and improving my grades.

In conclusions my grades remains low because of the unavoidable circumstances. Improving my skills with assistance would help me adjust to the correct levels.

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