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The article is a research done by Andrea Scott and Paul J. Solomon. It delves at exploring the benefits that participants get in a cause-related fitness event. In essence it is about the Marketing of Cause-Related events with a case study on the participants as the consumers. The article can be found in the Journal of Non-profit & Public Sector Marketing Vol. 11 (2) 2003, which is dynamic and involved in discussions that directly affect the marketing industry.

The article begins by defining that cause-related fitness events include some physical exertion from the participants who engage in sporting activities or otherwise and they do this in order to garner funds especially by raising pledges of monetary terms for the activities performed.

The article points several points that the authors wish the audience to know about. First, the authors state that cause-related events have in the recent years gained massive popularity especially among the non-profit organizations.

Secondly, the authors inform us that the events have over the past years been more focused with the benefits that corporations that partner with the non-profit organizations get over the benefits the participants also viewed as consumers, get. (p.45)

Thirdly, the authors point to us that the cause-related marketing events are beneficial to the participants. In this they say that the participants consume various benefits such as supporting a noble cause, that of physical exercise and community action or participation.

The fourth point that the authors point out is that the participation to the cause-related events is based on various reasons. One reason may be that participants get involved in these activities as a result of personal connection to the cause, for social benefits, obligation to the community, for fitness or just a sporty feel and for the sole aim of fundraising.

The fifth point that the authors bring out is that the use of color at these events is critical. They insist that in the planning process of the events the color to be used should be determined. In fact, the color used should be in line with the purpose and motive of the event. They give us an example of “˜Race for the Cure” which is an event organized for breast cancer awareness and fundraising to the cause. In this event, the color pink is very critical and is used to identify the cause for all the participants. The ribbons and the t-shirts used are also printed in pink which help to exemplify the cause.

The article is successful in pointing out the benefits of the cause-related events especially to the participants and how these events help in their behavioral change. It is aimed at looking beyond the corporations that partner with the non-profit organizations to make these events a reality, and focuses on the reactions of the participants to the events and how these events benefit them. The authors are practically successful in the discussion of this form of marketing. Their pointers of the areas that need to be researched in future are critical in proving their proficiency and prowess in the marketing industry.

It further states the concern that every social marketer should have in the organization of the events. The article insists that the social marketer should not only consider the benefits of the events to the events and the charity but should also consider how these events benefit the participants (p.64). This in fact should be the core basis of these events. That when the social marketers consider increased benefit packages to the publics then the cause-related events are bound to be very successful and effective in general.

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