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Currently, many people are becoming increasingly eager to know what is happening abroad in comparison to the past. In the past, many media houses were concentrating on showing local news. This is because people did not care of what was happening beyond their borders. In addition, people were feeling safe since there were no threats that could affect public safety. However, after the September eleven terrorist attacks, many people were yearning for foreign news. This change of awareness on the news was because of fear of the unknown. Therefore, foreign news is currently affecting the media houses. The main reason for this is the effect of other countries that is causing people to crave for foreign news.

The September eleven terrorist attacks are one of the main reasons that are causing current effects in the media houses. Many people tend to disagree with this stating that the attacks did not spark the changes because even before people were watching foreign news. According to Thomas Ginsberg, the amount of foreign journalism aired on the televisions is considerably increasing at an increasing rate (Ginsberg, 2009). This is because many viewers want to know what is happening on the outside environment for purposes of gaining knowledge of what is happening abroad. As a result, they may be able to read signs that might prevent another attack. For this reason, the fear of the unknown by the people is sparking a significant effect on the media.

Secondly, foreign news has a crucial effect on the fears of people leading to a change in the way media houses are transmitting their news. On the contrary, certain critics do not agree with this because they believe that it is the people emotions affecting the news. What they are forgetting is the causes of these emotions. After people realizing that their safety can be compromised at any time, they are now keener on foreign affairs issues. According to Project for Excellence, media house are giving a lot of airplay to foreign issues (Bauder, 2009). Those media house that do not offer enough coverage of foreign news are slowly loosing their viewers. Therefore, it is clear that foreign news is currently affecting the media houses.

In addition, people are becoming increasingly bored with the local news media stations are printing and airing. It is impossible for anybody to forego what is happening in his or her doorstep. For this reason, many people refute this claim. However, what they fail to understand that currently there is no real news in available locally. According to a research done by the Associated Press, many viewers are bored with local news (Associated Press & Rogers, 2009). This is because they are full of no real news. This news contains issues affecting the lives of celebrities. On the other hand, foreign news contains politics of war and peace that could affect the country in the end. For this reason, the Associated Press discovered that they could survive without airing news of celebrities like news of Paris Hilton (Associated Press & Rogers, 2009). Therefore, this proves that foreign news is affecting the media house.

The war on terror is another reason that is causing foreign news to affect media houses. However, this might not be entirely true because natural calamities and disasters might be causing a change of business in the media house. However, what people fail to understand is that there were disasters and natural calamities in the past and nobody used to care about foreign news. According to the late Nate Polowetzky, the hardest news to cover is news involving peace (Ginsberg, 2009). This is because many people do not care. For this reason, it is a daunting task for reporters to prepare eye-catching news for the viewers. To relate this to the topic, it was extremely peaceful in the past. Hence, nobody took notice of what was happening in the world. Therefore, when the war on terror became real people started paying attention to the foreign news yet it is the easiest to cover (Ginsberg, 2009). Henceforth, foreign news is immensely affecting media organizations.

In addition to the above, negative or positive foreign news currently matters a lot to the media industries. According to many media organizations, they argue that they air the news to the views as it is on the ground. What they forget is that they are extremely biased while airing news. Based on Tim Graham, Fox news is balanced in airing their political views in comparison to CNN (Bauder, 2009). As a result, certain people prefer watching Fox since they are not biased. On the other hand, CNN is strongly defending themselves by stating that negative or positive news does not matter. This is because they report news according to what is happening (Bauder, 2009). Therefore, they cannot be blamed for either taking the positive or negative side. It should be noted that this is foreign news. Therefore, it is without doubt that the phenomenon of foreign news is currently affecting media houses.

The time media organizations are giving foreign news either on print media or televisions has significantly increased. Although certain media organizations argue that there is no change in airplay given to foreign news, it is certain foreign news is getting a significant amount of time in comparison to the past. According to Ginsberg, in the past time of airplay given to foreign news was approximately ten percent for all media houses (Ginsberg, 2009). In addition, as the years passed before 2001, the time reduced by approximately two percent. However, after September eleven in 2001, the time increased to approximately twenty percent in all media organization (Ginsberg, 2009). This change can be attributed by the fear of the unknown among the viewers. For this reason, foreign news is significantly changing the face of many media houses.

On the other hand, certain people disagree and state that globalization is the cause of changes affecting media institutions. If it were globalization affecting media institutions, then foreign news would not be playing an immense deal. In support of their views, viewers are currently viewing the world like an enormous community (Ginsberg, 2009). This is because whatever happens in other company is likely to affect what is happening locally. For instance, in the case of September eleven terrorist attacks, America could have foreseen the attacks if the media houses could have considered airing more of foreign news (Ginsberg, 2009). This means if they considered what is happening in the other societies as a community they could have foreseen the terror attacks. Therefore, there is now way foreign news is currently affecting the media houses.


According to the above critical evaluation, it is clear that foreign news is currently affecting media houses. Many America viewers are living in fear of the unknown due to the September eleven terror attacks. In the past, Americans believed that they were extremely safe. For this reason, they were extremely ignorant of what was happening beyond the borders. However, after September eleven attacks, they gained awareness due to the fear of the unknown. As a result, foreign news is currently affecting media houses. In this case, media houses are increasing the time for airing foreign news. Therefore, people should ask themselves, if foreign news is not affecting the media houses what else could be currently affecting the media institutions.

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