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Sample Essay about Technology

What Is .FLV Format?

In recent years, videos have become so popular because they form an important part of the internet. Videos are not only a source of entertainment but also an informative channel on current issues and ancient knowledge. A Flash Live Video is a file format that enables one to watch videos using software referred to as Adobe Flash Player. The unique thing about this software is that it functions only through the internet. Adobe Flash Player is not the only media player that can be used to play FLV files, others are Windows Media Player, Zoom Player, and Real-Time Video Player. FLV file uses both audio and video streams when running over the internet.

Advantages of FLV Format Technology

Playing videos over the internet using FLV produces good quality streams due to the high rate of compression involved. Due to this advantage, FLV has gained a lot of popularity and it’s the most used file format for viewing videos over the internet. Some of the well-known companies that have adopted this file format are YouTube and Reuters.com.

Easy to use: FLV format facilitates fast play as they have a small file size. It is user-friendly with all aspects meant to assist the user to efficiently use the software. It comprises of a step by step tutorial video which makes it much easier for a first-timer.

FLV compresses videos quickly without reducing their quality. Flash videos use On2 and VP6 software to compress its files making the size smaller and at the same time easier to load. Apparently, no customer wishes the quality of his video to decrease and for this reason, this type of file format has fetched a high market due to its unique and advantageous characteristics.

Easy to edit: Conversion of files from one form to the other is made easier by the use of Flash Video Player. Video files are easily converted to animation characters or games depending on the need of the user. One can also decide to chop off the length of the video or add new files without affecting the original state of the video files.

Disadvantages of FLV Format Technology

The main disadvantage of FLV File format is that it’s expensive i.e. it consumes a lot of resources and time. Money is spent on hiring specialists in animation and video making. The fact that the idea is a new one in the market makes it expensive and involving.

Finding an FLV file in a slow network is rather difficult. Their address is not part of Spider engine and this makes it a challenge for new users to easily find the file format. The FLV format file is not like any other file that one can search using a search engine. One is required to have the actual URL of the formatting website.

Another shortcoming relates to websites using FLV format. Downloading such websites make take a long time because of the animations and banners that drags the loading process. The slow opening of websites may cause a company to lose many clients as they get frustrated while opening their websites to see what the company offers.

Essay about Technology Conclusion

There are a number of pros and cons to using FLV file format to watch a video over the internet. However, the advantages by far surpass the disadvantages. This type of file format is mostly used by big internet companies. The diversity of this type of file format makes it applicable to different kinds of videos. Animations and video presentations that are usually incorporated in most websites are well compatible with FLV format thus making it popular among the business people. Improvement of the current version of FLV files is of the essence in order to eliminate some of its crucial shortcomings.

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