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Nowadays, people are thinking and searching the appropriate ways how to protect the environment and natural resources. That is why the problem of the human dimensions and conservation has become rather urgent and important. The human dimensions and conservation experts are facing different challenges that may occur in the course of studying how human knowledge, behavior, and values interact with the conservation of natural researches. This question is a matter of the interaction between the natural world and the human species, their behavior and relationship to the natural world and to one another.

The human dimensions approach is based on the theory and practice, which encompasses different disciplines, practical and theoretical knowledge, public participation, ecosystem management, and natural resource economics. This is a complex approach, which is essential in the process of studying and investigation of the human species. In everyday life, humans and the natural world are interacting with one another. That is why, it is important to understand the main actions and tools of this interaction in order to protect and recover the natural environment and manage human influence, actions and behaviors. In the recent past, a lot of research and scientific studies have been provided by scientists. The community and the public are concentrating their attention on various species and their protection. Many political, cultural, and economic institutions consider the problems and solutions of the protection of natural resources as a complex study and management. Therefore, a deep research is needed while studying the environmental conservation and natural resource management.

Individuals and various industries use a great amount of natural resources in their everyday activities, production or services and goods. To satisfy their demands, humans often neglect the results of their crucial activities for the future generations. As a result, degradation of flora and fauna has become a great concern for centuries. It is worth noting that some regions on the planet have experienced higher rates of degradation than others due to different reasons, such as technological development, geographical position, rainfall, and soil erosion among others.

The research asserts that climate change, soil and water pollution, reduced output of water and food, decline in land value and reduced productivity of food require human dimensions approach in order to solve all these problems, which world population is facing today. Often individuals and organizations do not always take the actions that will benefit them and ensure conservation of natural resources. For example, most industries are acting with the aim to maximize their profits. Many developed countries, such as the USA, Germany, Great Britain and others, make great contributions into energy-efficient equipment. Less developed countries are constantly facing problems while interacting with the global environment. Therefore, special programs and approaches to human activities should be found.

It should be noted that ensuring a balance between people`s needs and conservation of the whole nature is not an easy task. Many scholars consider that the only alternative approach to this problem would be the human one, which would not separate people from nature. Overpopulation leads to the reduction of different species. The problem of conservation of wildlife and natural resources is an important issue of nowadays reality. Most researchers support the idea that species and natural resources should be carefully managed and conserved. Most international environmentalists are underpinned by a human approach to the environment. Species and natural resources deserve to be protected in order to serve people`s needs and demands in the future.

In conclusion, human dimensions and conservation is a matter of the interaction between the natural world and the human species as well as their behavior and relationship to the natural world and to one another.

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