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Humans have several similarities with animals. This is partly due to the notion that man evolved from apes. Similarly, apes evolved from lower level animals. Thus, the brain of men reflects semblance with that of primates. This could explain why certain behaviors are similar between men and apes. Based on this, humans are perceived as having a primate nature. In actual behavior, each individual has vestiges of ape forebears. Put differently, a man behaves as an ape does. For instance, a man just like an ape, could find, recognize, peel, and eat a banana.

According to Sussman (1), humans have inherited certain behaviors from primates. Sussman (1) illustrates this by using the closeness displayed between mother and offspring chimpanzees. The bonding between the chimpanzees is similar to that which we see between mothers and babies. The author proceeds further to claim that the violent behavior exhibited by human beings is inherited from animals.

Part 2

Often, myths, which were viewed as archaic epics, formed the basis of Greek tragic plots. The mythos was direct representations, while drama was characterized by actual stage performance. Aeschylus, Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles were the main authors of Greek tragedies. What I liked about Greek tragedy was that audiences received it differently. However, I disliked the fact that each tragedy had a different psychological effect to audiences. Ancient Greek comedy was another form of drama. The dramatic genre is captured in three phases or periods. The first was Old Comedy, followed by Middle Comedy and finally, by the New Comedy. Old comedy is reflected in Aristophanes while middle comedy has disappeared. New comedy remains prevalent. From my point of view, the notion that Greek Comedy is among the best pieces of art, while I do not find fascinating the involvement of ugliness as a cause of pain (based on viewing the Greek mythology: Ancient gods & goddesses)

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