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The age-old question of life after death still stands unresolved and is one of the most heatedly-debated topics today. Although most religions believe that life after death really exists, no one has been able to give a proof that is convincing enough for all. Many believers, including converted skeptics, have described near-death experiences and “close encounters of the third kind”. However, many try to find scientific explanations to these stories or rule them out as hoaxes.

Personally I find the theory of life after death too questionable to believe. There is just no substantial or tangible proof. It is true, there are many accounts of NDE’s, but I have my own opinion about them. I think there is a clear difference between life after death and consciousness separating the body. Although the person who experienced such an encounter may have been very close to death, he remained alive and had a NDE because his consciousness played a trick on the mind. Regardless how close to dying a person came, he remained alive. “Clinically dead” is just a term to describe short-term heart stoppage which in almost all cases is fatal, but few survivors claim they returned from the dead.

I believe in material proof, facts and figures. No matter how logically believers try to explain their experiences and how it proves life after death with all due respect, in my book, no physical proof means it did not happen. Pictures in our head on account of the mind’s games when our body is too feeble to accept a mortal’s reality is a possibility. But pictures and hallucinations are as far as it goes until a valid proof is presented, one that can withstand any scrutiny and skepticism.

In conclusion, I do not believe in life after death because there is simply no solid proof of it.

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