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One of the key features of the modern era is the multifaceted development in different fields, i.e. in politics, science, technology, and welfare. Apart from this, the modern period is characterized by the significant expansion of the European colonial influence on many countries. These factors, together with numerous geographical discoveries and globalization trends, could not but strengthen a belief in human uniqueness and power. The belief in the strong possibility of political and technological progress became unshakable to such an extent that there was no wonder that an individual had become one of the hallmarks of the modern age. Anarchism, liberalism, and existentialism are bright examples that witness the central position of the human individual. Therefore, the individual is viewed as a unique person with a unique set of features, which cannot be manifested by another person. To be more precise, individualism presupposes that a person is able to preserve his/her moral values in a diverse globalized world without encroaching upon rights of other people. Unfortunately, this is hardly possible today. The point is that humans have become too egocentric and do not acknowledge needs of others. That is why a widespread motto “the purpose justifies the means” dominates the world, and many people are ready to reject or harm somebody if this helps them to get what they want. No matter how strange it may seem, but the conception of individualism is likely to flourish in the era of globalization. The more people get mixed, the more they tend to suppress each other. It is high time we stopped acting like this, otherwise it could be late.

If we continue behaving so egocentrically, bleak future is awaiting for us. From a perspective of the year 2500, in five hundred years, humanity is likely to degenerate and be wiped off the face of the Earth. It is not a pessimistic forecast but severe reality. One should bear in mind that all the “benefits” of the modern age, which prove human power and intellect, will kill humanity sooner or later. Right now we witness senseless wars, especially in the East, and the Third World War is already looming upon the horizon. Acute environmental problems make people wage full-scale wars for scarce resources; nuclear weapon is not a mystery anymore; daily terrorism is not a horror movie; religious and racial hatred is an everyday matter. The elements of hatred are of high importance nowadays since globalization makes people of different races closer, which only enhances the feelings of hatred and serves as a substantial ground for murder. These are the fruits of human intellect, and we are hardly worthy to be praised for them. Therefore, if the human race does not change in five hundred years and still survives (it is the question of supplies of natural resources), the central ideas that bind the future and present cultures would be selfishness, lust, and cruelty. Exactly these words describe our culture the most precisely. If, on the contrary, modern humanity degenerates and another generation appears on the Earth, the latter should be less egocentric, more aware of the environmental problems, and kinder than we are.

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