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The presence of Muslims in India affected almost every sphere of the Indians’ lives. However, the change was evident in areas such as administration, social life, education and economy. This paper explores how these areas were directly influenced by the Muslim rule.

Muslim rule led to the introduction of Islamic Sheria law and the Muslim courts to administer laws among the Indians.Sultan of Delhi was considered an autocrat. The state was divided into administrative regions under the watch of amirs or military chief. With time and with training, Indians learned the art of leadership, which they first exercised in the collection of revenues from their own people.

Socially, in early days of the arrival of Muslims, they looked down upon the Indians as on the inferior people. Muslim rulers often persecuted them. However, in the long run the two communities exchanged a lot on social matters. The Indians learned the social brotherhood and equality from Muslims. Conversely, the language of the Muslims changed to Urdu while that of Hindus changed to Hindustani, both languages contained Arabic script and vernacular terminologies of Hindi.

In terms of education, the Muslims introduced a new form of education through the media of Arabic and Persia. Hindus were not allowed to attend madras until Sikandar Lodi`s took over the rule which allowed the Hindus to learn Persian literature. This even helped them to gain more skills on trade and to learn the sheria law. The Muslims led to the development of India’s’ economic growth and urbanization due to introduction of trade in the land. Small factories (Karkhanas) emerged in urban centers like Morocco and Indonesia, which were busy towns in terms of trade and dissemination of legal system and laws.

In conclusion the invasion of Muslims in India and the introduction of Mughal government enhanced the commercial relation of India with other nations. The scientific, art and mathematical skills also spread to the rest of the world.

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