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Many people in the United States blame fast-food restaurants as the main reason to be overweight. There are a lot of cases when overweight people sued McDonald`s for their health problems. Many doctors overview obesity as an epidemic and are sure that fast food makes a great contribution into the problem of obesity, but it is not the only reason for it. People are obese because of a number of other reasons why people in the USA stay overweight, such as: problems within the education and school system, peer pressure and very often the place of living.

Nowadays, people all over the world are facing a lot of health problems. One of these important health issues is obesity, which has emerged in people’s life in the United States of America as well as in many other countries. This health issue is widely discussed among professionals in order to find a proper solution to help obese individuals to overcome this disease. To find a solution to the problem of obesity means to figure out the main reasons of this disease for each individual patient. It is stated that obesity has risen considerably in the USA during the last twenty years (Caban 1618). Most people consider that the main reason of obesity is overeating, but making research it has become absolutely obvious that there are a number of reasons why people are overweight. Caban, Alberto (1614) note that a lot of Americans gain weight at work, thus, it identifies that such work-related factors like overtime and night jobs, sedentary work can lead to stress and as a result to abdominal fat accumulation.

The main approach to overcome obesity in the U.S. today is to prevent it among people at early stages, because treatment of any disease is much harder than prevention. In our technological era people have become less active in their everyday life. Physical inactivity is considered by many scholars one of the main reasons of obesity (Menifield 85). Though a lot of people start practice healthy behaviors, there are still a lot of those who due to different reasons stay physically lazy, spending their spare time watching TV or searching the internet. While doing that, most people do not notice how much food they eat, most of which is junk food like cheeps, sandwiches, coke, etc. Thus, an unhealthy diet may be considered to be the second main factor that leads to overweight and obesity (Harvard Men’s Health 5-7). According to statistics, during last forty years every third American adult is overweight, this is about 50 percent rise comparing to previous figures.

Most American people overeat in their everyday life, because they seem to be addicted to eating and often of different reasons. Our rapid mode of life, which is full of stresses at work and often in families, pushes people to overcome such stresses by means of eating. Due to the habits and lack of time, Americans prefer to eat outside their homes, neglecting homemade food. Cooking takes a lot of time, which is rather valuable, that is why not too many people are cooking at home. Instead of this, they go to different restaurants and cafes like McDonald’s, Burger’s Kings, Pizzerias and others to eat relatively cheap food, which contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients that may be one of the main causes of obesity (Wolf 97). According to the research (Harvard Men’s Health 5-7), there are various factors, like behavioral, genetics, hormonal, metabolic among others, which play an essential role in obesity. Besides, only 25 percent of American adults eat the necessary amount of fruit and vegetables, which are the main source of vitamins.

All factors, mentioned above, should be taken into consideration while looking for the right ways and methods to overcome obesity. It looks like obesity has become a national problem and a kind of epidemic in the United States. One can observe overweight people everywhere: in the shops, schools, streets, public transport, etc. The public and the media are trying to pay attention to this problem. The main cause of obesity and its consequences are obese people themselves because they seem to be very passive in their way to overcome this problem. One must spend a lot of energy and efforts to stay active in life. Due to official statistics, fifty percent of American adults are not involved in physical activity, which is necessary for a healthy way of life.  Doctors and other professionals are searching for different ways to solve the problem, but they seem to be not very successful in their search. The problem is that there is no remedy for obesity like to any other disease what makes the problem even more complicated (Wolf 105).

Child obesity has become an important health issue in the USA today. It is going without saying that all parents are worried about their children’s health and wellbeing. That is why professionals are alarming to the problem of obese children that are suffering from obesity even more than adults. Child obesity is the main reason of different behavioral problems among obese children. According to the article of Davis, Melvin1, Young, Lashun 2, Davis, Sheila (61-65), a huge growth of obesity among children in the United States is one of the main causes of children’s stresses, suicides and depression. Parents have to be very careful with obese children and help them to make a proper solution in order to communicate with their schoolmates and peers. Children, who are obese in the United States, have become a reality with striking figures and consequences, which may occur because of this health issue.

Obesity among children has dangerous effects on their health and wellbeing both as immediate and long-term. Among these effects it is worth noticing such consequences like, cardiovascular diseases. According to different researches, seventy percent of obese youth at the age of 5 to 17 years old are in this risk group. Obese children are at great risk to have diabetes in the future, heart attacks, different types of cancer, etc. Most of obese children have serious psychological problems like low self-esteem, depression, negative effect on their behavior; besides, they are more likely to be obese as adults, what leaves very few chances to overcome the situation (Davis et al. 64). Child Depression Invention (CDI) is an important issue, related to child obesity. Parents and teachers are those who are responsible for children, and their main task is to prevent children from obesity in the United States today.

As stated in different sources, obesity may be one of the reasons of discrimination in the United States (Ward-Smith 242). Obese people are facing this problem in their everyday life. This has become an important issue of the government and authorities in the United States. Obesity discrimination occurs at workplaces, schools and other public and educational places. Most people keep thinking that obesity is not a disease, but a choice in one’s life. It is worth mentioning that laws against obesity discrimination are adopted, and therefore, obese people can feel free now at their workplaces and elsewhere. Obesity is considered to be a public problem and only mutual demands of individuals and public can lead to the solution of this problem (Ward-Smith 245).  Related diseases, which may be as a result of obesity, have to be prevented in the early stages, focusing on weight loss, healthy eating and physical activity.


In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that obesity like any other disease should be treated and prevented. There are different sources that may help to prevent and overcome obesity. The main of them are active lifestyle and healthy eating. Society and families are supposed to help obese adults and children in their struggle against obesity. Thus, it is necessary to establish a supportive environment for people who are obese. It is obvious that fast food is causing many health problems in the body such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Among the main reasons why people in the USA are obese are the school and education system, peer pressure, and even the places where people live. As lack of exercise may cause heart and lung diseases, it is important to spend more time exercising what plays an essential role to be healthy. It is worth eating healthy food, like average food, and not junk food. Average eating is a good thing to keep oneself healthy. To prevent obesity and other health issues which can be caused because of obese individuals have prevented overeating. Fast foods, which are selling everywhere contain more calories and can be a major contributor to the increase of health problems.

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