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Gender in the 21st Century America

The 21st century America is still lagging behind when it comes to gender issues. Women and girls perform relatively lower than men in numerous development indicators such as education, income, employment, political participation etc (Gaddis). For instance, in 2000, a survey on the earnings of bachelor degree holders in the U.S. revealed that women earned […]

Supervisor Supportiveness

Supervisor assistance is crucial to an organization’s success. Supervisor supportiveness improves the employees’ performance and commitment. The aim of this paper is to discuss the impact of supervisor supportiveness on employee performance and commitment. The supervisors act as act agents of organizing and evaluating the employees. The employees will therefore show effort and commitment. The […]

Effective Disciplining

Pediatricians are always faced with parents seeking a strategy for disciplinary action. They often have to develop a detailed approach that looks at the child-parent relationship, and reinforces positive behavior, while highlighting the results of negative behavior. Corporal punishment is mostly limited by its nature while its effectiveness is of limited scope with potentially undesirable […]

‘Letter to President Pierce’

In the “Letter to President Pierce,” the author is explicit that the white man’s colonization has interfered with the social order of the land being colonized. The modernized world’s view on the environment is very different from that of the natives. For instance, the white man takes any piece of land just like any other […]

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