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People are different in any way possible. They like different music, they prefer different colors, different styles of clothing, they have different skin color, and different heritage. Some of those preferences get pretty severe reactions; however, it is nothing like the reaction people who prefer homosexual relationships get at times. As many as there are haters, there are supportive and decent people. I believe in cases like these, people have the fear of unknown, they fear something that they cannot comprehend. The same way they rejected the fact that the Earth was round was uncanny to them.

People attack this issue from all kinds of angles: religious, societal norms prejudice or they come up with one of their own. It is the hardest for teenagers and adolescents cause that is the time they normally come out of the closet. This is the time when the approval of peers matters the most, as need to belong is standing above all other. It is great if one has supportive parents and couple of friends; however, still, kids are bullied for just being different in scary and unknown way to others. At moments like these they need all support they can get.

Many religious people argue that these relationships are pure sin, and that this is exactly the reason for the fate that reached Sodom and Gomorrah and because of the relationships these people are having the same is going to happen once again. People have their own faith and religion and no one tells them how to feel or what to do, so why should they tell this to someone? Homosexual individuals who attended churches before they became open about what they are, were accepted and honored members. Nothing really changed, they are still the same person they were a day or a year ago, but their church community now would not accept them.

There are people that feel deeply offended by homosexual marriages. These people are so self-centered that they cannot put themselves in anyone else’s shoes. One of the claims is that it is absolutely wrong for gay people to get married, as the church will only celebrate holy union of man and woman. Even if it can hardly be understood how people can fall in love with each other by some individuals, let’s just suppose that they deeply care for each other and just like any other couple know each other very well. In the unfortunate cases of emergency where one of the members of this unconventional family cannot make the decision of his or her own, the partner should be allowed to make that decision for the them. Unfortunately in most cases legally this cannot be done and these people have to watch their spouses suffer or die just because of legal technicalities.

The most controversial issue with homosexual relationships is their right to adopt kids. Like every loving family, they want to have kids and raise them and be proud of them. This is where society in most of the cases just goes crazy trying to prove that it is not right. Well, having to dads or two moms is a little unusual but it does not mean that it is bad. I believe it is much better for a child to live with two loving homosexual parents than with heterosexual parents, one of them is either drinking or abusive or both. Most often gay parents are more supportive and open minded than heterosexual parents, just because they are far from normal as it is. In fact, it was scientifically proven that there is no evidence that children who are raised by homosexual couples have higher chances of becoming homosexual.

There is another issue that recently have been all over the EU zone, that from not so long ago instead of mother and father in the official documents it will be written “˜parent 1′ and “˜parent 2′ not to offend the homosexual couples. Logically it is absolutely understandable in gay couple where there is a mom there can’t be a dad and vice a versa. I agree this is unusual, but why make so much fuss about it, this is what I don’t get. Did you just stop being a mom to your kid because somewhere on the paper it says you are “˜parent 2′? I do not think so. Will your kids love you less if instead of a father in the legal documents it says that you are just “˜parent 1′? Not really, so why make all the fuss on technicality? The children will still love you and you will be the one to read them bedtime stories and punish them for bad behavior and no one else.

To sum up, I would like to say that I do not see a reason for such a cruel treatment and opposition of such relationships. These people have done nothing wrong and unlawful to society and their happiness mostly lies in being left alone. These people do not take anything from anyone by being who they are. On the contrary, if to research the world of art and fashion it will be hard not to notice the amount of homosexual people who create beautiful things and make our world better, be it clothing, dance or music. Check out the tag on your clothing and Google the designer, or look up bio of your favorite music artists, I promise you would be surprised.

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