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The assignment’s goal is to asses myself and note my weaknesses as well and strength and know how I will use them to my advantage. The need for this kind of learning will increase my not only my academic skills but also the skills needed in my entire life.

In understanding my values, have learnt a lot about myself. I will start with my working conditions; I have realized that I am not good on manual and physical labor. I will not fare well as a carpenter nor as a farmer and neither will I do well for pressure jobs like in the medical field. I get a lot of stress when I feel I have no control or when things get out of control. I am always at my best when there is precise work to be performed.

I have realized that to develop the skills and the competencies I require in my professional organization I need to reflect on my behavior. I can now use self assessment forms to tackle the problem like self-, peer- and co-assessment forms. These self-assessment tests are used in combination with each other. I realized that implementation of these forms will accelerate my development based on competencies rather than on knowledge.

For my personal and professional growth, I have realized I need to embrace my strengths and weaknesses given my traits. I need to use my strengths to my advantage, try my best to be effective in my academic studies. I realized that this will effectively work if I work on my weaknesses as they will become weaker and weaker stalling my professional growth which may adversely interfere with my job.


The need for a lifelong learning increases as we discover that knowledge and skills cannot be restricted to only to education. Reflective thinking, problem solving and evaluating oneself is vital lifelong skills that we need to assess in ourselves.

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