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Manifest Destiny

In 1845 Manifest Destiny was just a term coined by John O’Sullivan in his article. At first, its main purpose was to justify the annexation of Texas and encourage Americans for the further expansion of the West. However, Manifest Destiny acquired greater value and became a political doctrine of the nation. The main argument, which […]

Reagans and Nixons Foreign Policies

President Nixon’s foreign policy is in many ways different from the foreign policy of President Reagan. Nixon used many risky strategies in order to improve the relationship between the US and the communist countries. He actively tried to improve relations with China, and thereby, wanted to influence the improvement of relations with the Soviet Union. […]


The military career of Napoleon and his qualities of an extraordinary commander have fascinated millions for centuries. He was not only one of the greatest political and military leaders, but a prominent civil administrator as well. Napoleon’s major ambition was to get the world or at least European domination. His hegemony over most of European […]

Internet Bubble History

The retrospect analysis of the financial events provides investors, economists and financial advisors with precious knowledge and experience. The famous financial crises, like Tulip-Bulb Craze, the South Sea Bubble, and the Wall Street Crash of 1929, speculative Movements from the 1960s through the 1990s (the “Tronics” boom, the conglomerate boom, the Bubble in Concept stocks, […]

Choson Dynasty and the Colonial Era

Throughout the Korean history, men’s dominance was conditioned whereas women were treated as second-best regardless of their social status or familial position. The reason for this is deeply rooted within the Confucian tradition, which was fundamental in term of its vast implementation during the Choson dynasty. The colonial era can be characterized by the prominent […]

Post-Colonial India

Free History Essay about Post Colonial India Colonization is a process of invading and taking the sovereignty of one country by the other one. The invaded country is called a colony. The process of colonization implies settling or occupying the area. It leads to a situation when one country is subordinated to another country imposing […]

The Impressionism Movement

The Impressionism movement started in the 19th century around 60th and lasted for about twenty years. Impressionist made exhibitions in the salons and were condemned by the artists who adhere to classicism in everything. Nature was an inspiration for everyone who developed Impressionism. Artists became ready to go out of their studios to the countryside […]

Hectic Conversations about Leadership

The hectic conversations about leadership started in the middle of the 20th century, after the Great Depression and the II World War. Scientists started to discover the most impressive personalities of the political and social life in the Western World. The history of 20th century introduced such great names as Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Romanov, […]

The Ancient Egyptian Culture

When talking about Egypt, the picture of pyramids appears in the imagination at once. There are no other ancient sights in Egypt that are similarly outstanding and legendary. This country is predominantly famous for its remarkable Pyramids at Giza. A lot of tourists come to Egypt just to visit these famous places of interest. It […]

Historical and Cultural Events

In the late XIX and early XX century social development of most countries was determined by advances in science and technology. On the basis of major scientific discoveries human understanding of the world, a world order, a place of the individual and nations in the world changed. The revolution in science and the accelerated development […]

The Punic Wars

Historians did not exaggerate, when calling the first three Punic Wars highly significant in the history of the Ancient World. These wars between Rome and Carthage were for hegemony in the Mediterranean. The name Punic is derived from the words for Phoenician. Carthage was founded by settlers from the Phoenician city of Tyre on the […]

Essay on The History of the Ku Klux Klan in America

The Ku Klux Klan, which is unofficially referred to as the Klan, defines three individual far-right organizations acting across the territory of the United States of America. These organizations have conducted and still support radical actions including the supremacy of the white people, anti-immigration, and white nationalism, which was rendered into fierce terrorism. The Ku […]

Evaluation of Karl Marx’s Idea

Since Thomas More wrote his “Utopia” in 1516 and most likely many centuries before, people have been dreaming about the perfect political and social system within their countries and all over the world. However, this dream is mainly nurtured by the working class, which in times of economic crisis cannot maintain their social role and […]

Zhou Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty reigned over 1050- 256 BCE after conquering and succeeding the Shang Dynasty. The early years of this dynasty were marred with peace that later years strived to achieve once again. Far from this, the Zhou Dynasty noticed the birth of various Chinese philosophers at around 6 century BCE. These philosophies survived generations […]

The Compromise of 1850

In the controversial “Compromise of 1850”, which was a collection of legislations proposed by then Senator Henry Clay, various opinions were put forward during intense debates. Among the notable speeches were those of Daniel Webster who was in favor of Clay’s bill and of William Henry Seward and John C. Calhoun who were against the […]

The Greatest Changes in Warfare

French Revolution of 1789 was one of the most important events of the eighteenth century. The ideas, expressed by its leaders, had a huge impact on the warfare. The ideals of liberty, equality and civil rights were the fundamental values of the revolutionary politics. This work aims at researching was there any effect relationship between […]

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