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Adolf Hitler was a German politician, a leader and a chancellor of the Third Reich in 1933-1945. He was an Austrian by origin. After the World War I he created a mode of the tyranny which did not have equal in Germany. Having achieved unreal success, identifying his own disease condition with needs of the German nation, Hitler carried out the rearmament of Germany, destroyed considerably the European system and started the World War II, having put the European civilization on a destruction step.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in a small town Braunau. A 52-year-old Austrian customs employee Alois Shiklgruber and a 20-year-old peasant Clara Pyoltsl were his parents. Adolf Hitler’s mother was a silent, hard-working woman with a serious pale face and huge attentive eyes. She was in charge of housekeeping and took a great pain to please her husband. Adolf loved his patient mother, and she, in turn, treated him as a beloved child, even in spite of the fact that she considered him to be “mad”. She assured him that he was not similar to other children, but despite all her love, Adolf grew a dissatisfied and sensitive child. Psychologically, she formed him subconsciously, as though compensating her own unhappy family life. Adolf was afraid of a strict father, a despotic and mean-spirited person, subordinating his children to his own cruel outlook on life. Unhappy and lonely, three times unsuccessfully married, Alois Hitler sought a consolation in drinking alcohol. “Later he remembered his father as a drunken sadist, wasting family money”. This gloomy and quick-tempered despot constantly let his children “know force of a stick or a belt”. Alois shouted at son, humiliated him and punished constantly. A huge tension reigned between two irreconcilable characters. Possibly, “Hitler’s following fierce hatred was a result of the hatred to his own father. He learned too early that the right person was always the one who was the strongest”.

Being 16 years old, Adolf left school. Within two years he was engaged in nothing, wandering on the streets or spending the time in the library, reading books on the German history and mythology. He dreamed to become an artist, but “actually succeeded in the art of avoiding duties”.The contempt for educated people was developing all his life.

The only teacher, whom Adolf admired, was the teacher of history, Leopold Pyotch, teaching the young man to despise Gabsburgs and protect the German nationalism. The knowledge, received by Adolf at his lessons, was limited mainly to the facts, testifying to “the greatness” and “a historical mission” of the German people.

In October 1907, an 18-year-old Adolf left his mother, suffering from cancer, and went to Vienna to find his way of life. But he suffered a major setback — he failed his entrance examinations in the Vienna Academy of Arts. It was a crushing blow on his vanity, he would never recover from, considering “these stupid professors” guilty. In December 1908, his mother died and that was one more shock in his life. The next five years he had only casual earnings, alms or he sold his sketches. Unshaven, wearing a dirty black hat and a very long coat, he was similar to a degraded tramp.

In Vienna he learned to hate. Having rejected Karl Marx’s theory, he remained true to anti-Marxism all his life. Under the influence of Karl Luger’s works, Adolf started to hate Jews as “rats, parasites and bloodsuckers”. What was the reason of Hitler’s fierce hate to Jews? Any of Hitler’s voluminous biographies does not answer this question confidently. There is no evidence that Hitler had ever got something bad from Jews; by the way, the Jewish doctor fought heroically keeping his mother’s life. However, “it was obvious that Judaism and its ideas of the God caused in Hitler the same fierce hatred as Jews”.

Within half a year after that the democracy in Germany was finished. Having come to power, Hitler began persecutions on Jews almost immediately. He closed for them such professions as law where Jews were widely presented. Supported by the government, he declared a boycott of shops, belonging to Jews, and put there armed fighters to frighten potential buyers. It is possible to tell now that many German Jews, who suffered from the first anti-Semitic actions of Nazis, were simply lucky because the authorized discrimination compelled them to leave Germany when it was still possible. However, about a half of Jews remained in Germany, hoping that everything would change for the better. Later, a bitter Jewish joke was given such an assessment: “Pessimists went to exile, and optimists went to gas chambers”.

Apparently, anti-Semitism was the strongest passion in Hitler’s life. In his last address to the German people, made a day before his suicide, he urged to show “a strong resistance to the world poisoner of all people, the international Jewry”.

Hitler’s mental capacities interested psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychologists and historians long ago. The majority of them usually agree in the opinion that Hitler suffered a lack of intellectual stability, and some even argue that it was subjected to certain manifestations of madness. His character was formed in early years of his life under the influence of disappointments, hostility and hatred, the sources of which were obscurity and failures, pursuing him in youth.

Impartial researchers agree on the importance of Hitler’s role not only for the history of the Third Reich but also for the history of the XX century as a whole. He went to the political power by means of cruelty and lie, using any means for other people’s conquest. “By the time of suicide he had destroyed the world structure in which he lived, and paved the road for even great opportunities for destruction”.

That huge power, which he possessed, was unprecedented. On his way to the power and during his ruling, he used lie, terror and extreme cruelty, but all this did not save him from crash. In the opinion of the whole world, Hitler became an embodiment of a devil. “His heritage is a memory of one of the most awful tyrannies for the whole history of the civilization”.

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