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The Greek civilization is among one of the biggest landmarks of world history. One of the key characteristics of the civilization was their religion. As early as 1200 BC, shrines such as the Oracle of Delphi played a significant role in Greece. The oracle was built around a sacred spring, which was considered as the literal center of the world. The religious nature of the people forced them to visit the shrine frequently. Closely associated with this, is the idea that Greeks worshiped various gods.

Sparta reflected the uniqueness of Greek city-states. The state was characterized by a rigid military program, which entailed indoctrination of citizens. It emerges that the Greek civilization was characterized by high levels of military engagement. The military preparedness was a critical weapon that the civilization used to dominate for a long time. Several upheavals characterized the Greek civilization, aspects that contributed to its decline in power. The return of Cleisthenes from exile in 507 B.C. exemplifies events that led to the decline. In 430 B.C., the civilization entered a war against Persia and Sparta. The war dubbed the Great War and proved disastrous for the Greeks. In 405 B.C., the Athenian Greeks were defeated and surrendered to Sparta.

Several aspects of the Greek civilization are fascinating. Based on religion, the civilization’s preference for shrines is breathtaking. The shrines were beautifully designed, given the times they were constructed. Reference to politics is also significant. The pace of the changes in the leadership of the civilization was first.

The Greek civilization thrived because it had abundant resources. The resources were used to boost the economy. Specifically, the civilization was able to trade with neighbors. However, the Greek civilization declined due to political concerns. The civilization’s leadership was frequently challenged. This aspect destabilized the civilization leading to its downfall. Additionally, its warring characteristic always put it on warfare with neighbors. From the civilization, we can learn that poor leadership leads to failure.

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