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Characteristics of property crime, types of property crimes and factors that contribute to this crime, trends on property crimes in the previous years. Property crime refers to the criminal activity in which there is a property that previously belonged to the accuser, which he claims to become in possession of another person i.e. the accused. In addition, property crime also involves the destruction of property of the accuser by use of fire or disposal presented by the accused. The history of property crimes is not explicitly defined due to the lack of proper laws to legislate the handling of these cases. However, efforts are underway to ensure that these laws are enforced in a way that the property crime is followed by the right process.

Factors that contribute to cyber crimes and the possibility of conquering the problem in the society. Cyber crime refers to the act of accessing protected sites in the Internet by the unauthorized users employing the methods that hack thorough the security system and allow them view the contents of the secure site. Some of the factors that contribute to cyber crime include the use of non-competent web applications which make unauthorized users easily access protected information. It may also be caused by the development of web applications that allow access to the secure sites. This ensures that these sites are easily accessed by hackers. It is rather interesting to note that the dynamic nature of technology also contributes to cyber crime since hacking is not possible with the ordinary means of technology.

Winona Rider and Martha Stewart case for the crimes they committed and the manner of sentencing people for shoplifting crimes. Martha Stewart had invested on shares but found herself in trouble when she was accused of conspiracy. It happened after she had received an insider from her stock advisor concerning her shares who informed that she would lose over $ 45 000 if she continued investing them. She was charged for presenting false information to her investigators. Her punishment was detained for five months in a federal rehabilitation facility. Finally, she was released taking bail and being fined to $30 000.

The penalty for shop lifting is determined by the value of the goods stolen and the initial convictions against the shoplifter. For instance, if the value of the stolen goods does not reach $150, it is regarded as a class A in case a person is a first-time offender while those who have histories of shoplifting are labeled class 4 for a felony of that offence. Those who steal goods priced $150 and above face class 3 felony charges.

History of organized crime in America and its trend today as well as the possibility of governing them in the future and the connection between organized crime and law.

Organized crime in the U.S has been done in a various of ways despite the fact that Mafias are the most prominent people in this sphere. It is mafia who is said to make the Congress and pass a number of legislations to tackle the crimes. Initially, organized crime was mainly focused on corruption in politics. During the 20th century, law regarding organized crimes was enforced to retaliate against the criminals of this type that realized in investments and mitigation of pressure that politicians faced.

There are various efforts underway to fight organized crimes both locally and around the Globe to ensure illegal deals are prevented. For instance, there are a number of legislations that are being formed so that laws, governing smuggling of drugs, are implemented in order to curb the increase of the drug trade.

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