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The essay compares how England and France solidified their colonial empires through contact with the natives. It is found that France was more diplomatic in its handling of the slaves as compared to England.

England and France Colonial Empires

England and France were the two major colonialists of various countries in North American and African continents (Wilder, 2003; Wilson, 1998). During the period of colony their core values helped catapult them into the new world in search of freedom, food, and source of income (Bulliet, Crossley & Headrick, 2010). These two countries had their social, economical, and political aspects which propelled them towards the new world order. These made the two nations to start up their colonies in different countries and states which they felt they could dominate and protect their interests. However, for them to succeed they needed to establish rapport between them and the natives in the place of the colony (Kumar, 2006). These two nations were able to colonize other states because the natives in those places welcomed them.


The French were warmly welcomed by the natives who made them establish their life and economy (Wilder, 2003). France was in total dependant of the natives because they had to survive in the harsh climate in the host nations. Fortunately, native people were influential in helping them to settle. They did trade with the natives and as trade continued for a period of time it led to intermarriages between them and the natives (Richter, 2001). This type of trade made the natives to be dependent on the colonialist because they relied on the goods from the French, to which the latter took an advantage to colonize the natives. Nevertheless, the French treated the natives with great diplomacy (Wilder, 2003).


At first England became dependant on their natives for food since they never planted crops, but later on they started colonizing the natives (Wilson, 1998). They believed the natives should be treated as the Spanish previously treated them. Hence, when they could not negotiate for food or resources, they could take it with force and also searched and destroyed raids which natives established to reciprocate the treatment (Richter, 2001; Wilson, 1998). Unlike the French, England did not treat its natives with diplomacy.

In conclusion, a drive for power and more resources led to colonization of natives by the French and England. The rapport created between the settlers and natives ensured a smooth settlement but which later became colonization. The French much integrated with the culture of the natives as opposed to England which placed itself in a superior position. 

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