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The World Wars were perhaps the darkest periods in the world’s political history. These wars were mainly as a result of competition for power among the great powers of the time. With regard to the Second World War, it is important to note that Germany was previously in control of Western part of Europe, what was popularly known as ‘Fortress Europe’. Hitler, through his Nazi rule, had captured France. It is also important to note that through out World War I, the U.S. was relatively passive. But in this instance of World War II, the U.S., Britain and Canada, popularly referred to as the Allied forces overturned Hitler’s dream to control Europe. This paper seeks to explore some of the possibilities if the D-day attack was not successful. To effectively do so, it begins by explaining some of the historical facts followed by an analysis of the combat event itself.

Overview of the D-Day Invasion

The D-Day Invasion was the military combat of the Allied Forces against the Nazi Germany military in Normandy, France (Haunter 16). The capture of France followed an historic sequence of event in which, initially, Germany captured Poland. As a result, France, Canada and Britain declared war on Germany. At this time, the U.S was somewhat passive. Moreover, Germany fought the Allies and defeated France and some section of Britain in 1940. Although Germany was convinced that the Allies would hit back, they were not sure when and how. It was not until June 6 1944, the D-day, which the Allied Forces planned one of the most amphibious attacks ever. This time, the U.S. joined the Allies. The operation that began at midnight combined several strategies such as gunfight, naval combats as well as aerial bombs.

If D-Day Invasion was not Successful

If the re-capture of Normandy was not successful, the most obvious thing is that West Europe would have continued to be in control of the Nazi Germany. As a result, Hitler’s aspirations would have not only been met but also hyped. It is very crucial to keep in mind that the U.S. was never actively involved. However, after the D-Day Invasion, the U.S. further planned other more serious attacks. This could have been partly because the U.S. component to the West was somewhat overwhelmed by the Germany military. As a result, the U.S later planned what they called ‘operation cobra’ that has indeed been much applauded when comes to the total defeat of Hitler. Historically, the agitation of the U.S. must have begun in 1941 when Japan hit them at the Pearl Harbor. Therefore, by the time the D-day invasion was made, the U.S. was already in a state of war.

If the invasion was not successful, there would have been more and more dichotomy between the Western Allies (such as the U.S., Eastern Britain and Canada) with the Axis Alliance (Germany, Italy). It was only after this invasion that Germany began to retreat in all major fronts; thus is it was not successful, Germany would have continued to rule ‘Fortress Europe’ and Japan would also have continued to invade the U.S.

Although the invasion exacerbated the Germany retreat and eventual defeat, authorities posit that Germany would still have been defeated following the emerging wave of invasions from the Allied Forces. Further, the Allies had an extensive plan to sanction Germany and Italy if they did not stop war. In the long run, the Allies would have won and thus the world may not have been necessarily different today. Moreover, if the invasion was not won, there would have been continued political tensions that would have ended longer than expected. The World War II would have taken longer. In other words, it may not have ended in 1945 but much later. Courtesy of the invasion, there was a reversal of a situation that marked the start of the War. At the beginning, German attacked and defeated Poland. However, courtesy of this invasion, Poland was able to re-engineer herself and capture Berlin.


This essay was geared towards discussing some salient aspects of the Second World War. It begins by explaining the context of the war as well as a brief overview of the actual invasion. As a matter of fact, it was established that American involvement may have led to the earlier than usual defeat of Germany. Otherwise, the investigation did not succeed; Germany would have continued to be in rule of the Western part of Europe. There would also be many political and social tensions that would have continued alongside war. The Second World War would have taken longer than expected. Moreover, it was suggested that the world would not be any different from the way it is today. This is because having been attacked at Pearl Harbor in 1941; America had to be very cautious on matters of security.

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