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The document being analyzed in this essay reflects the evidence that was provided by John Kerry, a former captain of the United States’ soldiers, who served in the Vietnam War. John Kerry describes the inhumane tactics that were used by the American soldiers in the army front. He was addressing the committee on foreign policies and provided astonishing evidence of how the American government officials as well as top military officials were advocating for war tactics. They meant to see the enemy defeated. In his opinion, the American soldiers used tactics that amounted to crime against humanity. However, the contributions by John Kerry were seen as denouncing the Vietnam War in which he had served as a soldier. John Kerry discredited the false information that was given by the government to hide the truth. Having served as a soldier in the Vietnam War, his contribution toward denouncing the war carried weight. He had firsthand information considering what was going on in the war front of Vietnam.

The document is addressed to the American people, American government as well as the international community. The document addresses the accounts given by John Kerry during the Vietnam War and the reasons behind him denouncing the war. The audience of the article is the American citizens, who were interested to know the facts on the ground regarding the war in Vietnam. The document is used as a tool of revealing facts regarding the Vietnam War and provides evidence on how the American soldiers were mistreating the people of Vietnam on the war field. The document provides the audience with rich history of the Vietnam War as narrated by John Kerry to the committee of senate on foreign policies. It also gives the audience an opportunity to see the reality behind the war and estimate a kind of suffering the people of Vietnam were experiencing. The document throws light upon the tactics used by the Americans that endangered the lives of soldiers in the war front. It also provides first hand information to the Americans especially those interested in the History of the Vietnam War on the reasons that prompted John Kerry and others to denounce the Vietnam War.

While addressing the foreign relation committee of the senate of the United States, John Kerry reveals and explains the various falsehoods and atrocities that the American soldiers on the war front were required to carry out having fought in Vietnam, between 1966 and 1970. Kerry was very categorical that the actions of the military leaders as well as the government of the United States of America should not be allowed to vanish unquestioned. Kerry, who was in the war front, told the senate that the soldiers were usually forced to undertake attacks on children, women, animal as well as anything else that was of great value to the people of Vietnam.

The document carries examples that Kerry gave to the senate such as cutting of heads, ears, limbs, putting villages on fire, random shooting of civilians, and among other inhumane acts. He explained that there was no respect for human culture and life in the war front. The document explains how Kerry and other American soldiers learnt how to shoot anything that was moving, disrespect human life and dignity among other inhumane acts. Kerry considered the act of the government to deny the facts about the war and the anti-war statements as putting the lives in the war as well as at home in danger.

The document shows how Kerry was opposed to the inhumane tactics that were used by soldiers to suppress the enemy as they amounted to war crimes. He was of the view that the methods of dealing with the enemy were not justifiable as they humiliated human dignity whereby women and children suffered most at the hands of the American soldiers. According to John, this amounted to disrespect of human rights of high order committed by the American government to the people of Vietnam.

This document explains one of the most important periods in the American history. It brings to the light how the Vietnam War was conducted. The document provides insightful information on the war crimes that American are accused to have committed in Vietnam. It also provides us with reasons to justify the protest of the American citizens on the Vietnam War as it amounted to disrespect of human culture and lives. Kerry’s revelations to the committee show that the war in Vietnam was indeed damaging to the socio-economy of the people of Vietnam. The document is a good documentation of the American History considering the Vietnam War and the consequences of the war on the American foreign relations with government of Vietnam. The document also provides a student who wants to pursue a course on American history with a good basis of studying the American military actions in Vietnam. It also provides information on the historical milestone in the change and advocacy of the rights of the prisoners and civilians by the American society.

In conclusion, the document is one of the evidences that provide insightful information regarding the war crimes committed by the American soldiers in Vietnam and the need for the United States government as well as military leaders to be always held accountable for their actions in any form of war.

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