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According to Richard Quinney, thinking about crime is both critical and radical. He states that in order to understand crime, radical thinking is required. Moreover, political policies such as laws that are to control the behavior of the members of the society are caused by criminal activities. He adds that politicians are also likely to contribute to crimes, being involved in certain activities that ensure their ambitions are fully accomplished. In the process of so doing, they are likely to commit a crime.

According to quinney, a theory that assists human being to scrutinize the legal orders is referred to as the social reality of crime. Using this theory, human being tends to think of criminal activities as it is caused by the changes that mold people socially, politically as well as economically. According to this theory by Quinney, human being tends to recognize how the law links to the capitalist society. Whereby, the legal orders, provides reality to crime. All factors that constitute a crime as a social reality, including the law and behavior patterns of people described as criminal, the development of the ideology of criminal acts, are related to the legal order that is practiced by the society in question. Therefore, the social reality of crime is developed within the conflict of our society.

The premise of Feminist Criminology. According to this argument, crimes are caused by the hostile nature of men as well as it results from the  inequalities presented in the society. Feminism is used under the social make up so that social, economic and political conditions under which women  exist are considered to ensure that equality is achieved across the gender. It is aimed at eliminating certain beliefs against women such as the belief that a woman’s place is at home and men are superior people at the managerial and supervisory levels.

Today, feminist criminology is mainly concerned with unfair treatment of women. Other matters, such as prostitution, female delinquency, and gender inequalities in criminal justice system and in law are also given attention under feminist criminology. Feminism seeks the elimination of gender inequalities, where by the aim is not to push male out of way but to bring women to the lime light. The feminism theory is concerned with women’s oppression and the means to change the oppression situation in women’s life. It should be noted that gender is a complex historical, social and cultural issue. It is just related to the biological sex capacity, but never derived from it.

Restorative justice and its relation to the conflict criminology. This is the act of reconditioning harm that has been caused rather than other responses like giving punishment to the offender. It is aimed at making things the way they were before the offence was done. The correlation between restorative justice and criminology can be manifested in a situation where both a victim and an offender are involved. In this case, restoration is done by assigning a mediator to meet both the victim and the offender in order to resolve the conflict into an agreement. The mediator can assist in making the offender beware of the harm caused to the victim and also lets the victim prove that a wrong act had been done to him. This allows the mediator to come up with an optimal resolution that allows the criminal to understand the damage he has caused and also for the victim to mind the reason why he was harmed by the other person.

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