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In America there are six classes of people. The classes are a product of inequality and it is inequality that serves top keep the surviving. The classes are the upper class, the new money, the middle class, the working class, the working poor and those at the poverty level. Most classes are base on the economic earning of individuals (Saez, 2009).

The upper classes are those from families that are well-known within the country such Rockefeller and Kennedy’s families. These are sometimes referred to as the old money. People from these families have absolute access to almost everything, they attend the best colleges and most of the time aces the kind of jobs they want if they so decide to work though they won’t solely depend on their salaries. The new money consists of people who have risen recently in the social ladder these people have earned their money in about the two past decades and have no association with rich families. The include people like Bill Gates Opera Winfrey among other celebrities. They make up 15% of the total population and enjoy numerous privileges just like the upper class. They have great influence on the country and in social sectors.

The next category on these ranks is the middle class which is made up of people who earn their money by working as professionals. They have degrees from colleges and universities don’t ware uniform but rather dress exceptionally. They include lawyers, doctors, teachers, professors and so on. Due to their position they enjoy a number of privileges over the other classes bellow the not as the upper class and the new money.

Closely after the middle class is the working class. This makes up about 30% of the total population in the country. These have gone to colleges and have vocational training and perform various jobs. Their category is that of the blue-collar jobs and work in uniforms the have similar living standards to the middle class though not identical. They also vary in mannerisms.

The second lowest category which comes after the working is the working poor. This takes up about 20% of the population. They are characterized by low educational attainment, poor job skill and they mainly take up poorly paying jobs. In most cases they possess two or more part-time jobs with no insurance or health benefits. They have no job security and are threatened by the outsourcing of cheap labor from other countries as such they are threatened with falling bellow the poverty line. These people are last hired and last first fired in that when the economy if performing well, they are hired and when it experiences a decline they are fired. Bellow them is the poverty level consisting of people who have no means to earn their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing

The existence of this stratification makes leads to great disparities among the citizens where various categories have access to the best services and are given priority in various matters whereas some categories of people have no privileges and are discriminated upon when it comes to service delivery and other issued.

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