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American History is described in many books of different authors. They all have differences and similarities. The works differ in the style of writing, purpose, and even setting of the plot. The books Of Plymouth Vegetation and  The General History of Virginia are among other writings of this category. These books written by two different authors share similarities and differences. There is distinction in the setting of time, language purpose, and even writing style. However, there is also similarity in description of the history of the same country from the time of barbarism to the modern era of civilization (Davis 48). The analysis of the books clearly reveals these facts.


The book Of Plymouth Plantation is written by a colony leader of Plymouth in Massachusetts. In this book  William Bradford describes the first years of the colony and the reaction of pilgrims towards the colonial power. The book explains the settling of the pilgrims in Netherlands between 1608- 1620. Its plot covers the period of about 12 years. On the other hand, the book of Captain John Smith describes the history of the ancient Americans and their way of life. The book shows the uncivilized state of the Americans during that period.  The author describes the association with the residents of the Virginia colony when he was a sailor and soldier. To be more precise, the soldier takes time to analyze his life and relationship with a young girl called Pocahontas. The plot of the book develops between 1608 and 1609, simultaneously with the plot of the first book.

It is obvious that both books have some clear differences in terms of setting.  However, there are also plenty of similarities because the works were written by colonial chiefs and the events took place almost at the same time. The first book describes the journey and development of individuals from one land to another; the plot is different from the second one as it gives a description of settled individuals’ life (Prentice-Hall, inc 15). In addition, Captain Smith pays attention to an individual, while William Bradford primarily concentrates on a group of people.

The author of the book Of Plymouth Plantation gives the information in a systematic, chronological, and organized manner. He explains the events of the first thirty years of colonization: the life of pilgrims and their reaction to it. Possibly, the author chose this way to provide future generations with this story. On the other hand, Captain Smith seems to have neither a distinct order nor a plan. His information may have been gathered from an unreliable narrator. So, in terms of scripts’ settings the books differ considerably.

In his book Bradford uses good language that observes all the rules of grammar. No doubt, he learnt the language and mastered it well. In his writing, the author displays high competence in formulating correct sentences, spellings, and tenses. On the contrary, Captain Smith wrote in simple language which rarely observes the rules of grammar. He uses simple and undeveloped language that portrays him as just a language speaker and not a writer. This is a big difference in terms of the language structure of the two books.

Of Plymouth Plantation describes the voyage of the pilgrims from the Netherlands across the rough ocean. It further shows them praising and thanking God for the successful journey. The book depicts the residents of this area as people who have balance in all sectors of life including religion, culture, and social life. On the other hand, the book of Captain Smith The History of Virginia shows people obsessed with wealth and economy. The author describes the land as a place where all people can easily be rich, whether they own land or not. In this case, the two books have differences in showing the occupation of people. Of Plymouth Plantation calls for a peaceful life, while The History of Virginia calls for industrialization. Consequently, the authors used different styles and contexts to promote their ideas.


The two books have also a wide range of similarities. They are showed in different parts of the books which give the outlook of heroes.

To start with, both writings are similar as they are written by colonial chiefs. It means that they describe the first years of their colonial experiences and the subsequent outcome in these societies. Moreover, the authors show the communities they colonize and further industrial and technological development. In both books they describe people using inferior technology and industries. They show a sequence of developing this class of infrastructure.

The books reveal their similarities by describing the reaction of people to the colonization movement and settlement. In Of Plymouth Plantation, the author shows the people who oppose any attempt to enforce new laws in their societies. It means that the people are conservative and reluctant to improve their live (Smith 105). The book emphasizes on the development of the society and the colony despite this resistance. The same situation occurs in the second book where the author describes the resistance of the tribe to colonization and the struggle that follows it. He depicts the characters as conservative and willing to preserve their way of life.

The two books give special attention to the social life and economic activities. It is evident that people have an already formed and get used to the style of life they have (Bradford 54). The pilgrims, for example, are portrayed as people with a communal spirit and fixed schedule. The residents of Virginia are also shown as hardworking people with strong determination to generate wealth.


In conclusion, it would be right to say that the book Of Plymouth Plantation is outstanding and excellent in what concerns language and style in general. The book outshines the other book The General History of Virginia in terms of organization, content, storyline, and grammar. The first book describes a clearly balanced history of the people over time and their way to civilization.  The writing further enables readers to better understand the plight of the characters. On the other hand, the book of General Smith is outstanding in giving details of the process of industrialization of Virginia from the beginning to the modern day. The books can be described as full of material and knowledge, suitable for history lovers and those who would like to know and understand their origin. Both works can be recommended for the American people as they describe the early years of colonization and its subsequent consequences.a

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