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The poem tries to look at death in a positive way showing that life is a journey. In this poem, there are two different worlds, the familiar world and the unfamiliar world. The familiar  world is connected with the house while  the  unknown world (deep  eternity ) is  the  sea  voyage. Emily  tries  to  show  the  journey from  the  familiar  world  to  the  unfamiliar  that  is  eternal. This brings out  some sense of emotion in the poem.

 The ocean is an adequate symbol for eternity and human mind. The reason is that eternity   is an allusion of death by seeing the soul going past the houses and headlands and heading toward the ocean which is the place of eternity which is always as deep as the sea. In the human mind, the ocean is seen as our past life and, when you sail across the ocean, you will be able to acquire the firsthand experience.

  The poem also tries to show that life is a very  long journey  and that its end is infinity (at the end of eternity there  is  a dash  “eternity-”). This journey is towards death, and it is seen as enjoyable. For  the  “divine intoxication”  to  be  achieved,  one  must  do  away  with  the  familiar  life.

 The clue is to show the unafraid Jesus, Socrates, and Dr. King who take the risk of moving  from a comfort  zone (among  the mountains)  and  decide  to  risk  and  head  towards  the ocean  because  they  are  sure  their  souls  will  be held  by  the  sea  where  they  will  experience  divine intoxication. Also, the  use  of  the  word  “divine”  directly  shows  that  there is life  after  death,  and  it  also shows  the  presence of  God so there is  no  need  to  be afraid. Finally, in the poem, Emily points out that our intellectual  mind  cannot  be  able  to understand  the  journey  part  of  life  but this can  only  be  done  by  our inner  hearts thus “divine intoxication” can only be achieved through death; so, we should sail towards it.

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