Type: Literary Analysis
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Even though the writer (Huston) was ignoring and assuming her identity as a Negro, there were some circumstances that forced her to accept the fact that she is a colored.

Huston’s essay makes me feel bitter against the whites who enslaved the black 60 years ago. Even though it is a bitter herb to swallow, I admit that through slavery, blacks got civilization. The essay is important since it reminds us social transformations that have occurred from the time of slavery to independence. In addition, the essay content just reminds me of my identity. I am neither colored nor white. By soul defines my true identity.

The essay reminds me of an experience I had when I first joined college. To begin with, I learnt in a Negro-hood primary and high school. Joining a college would mean meeting a new people from different racial backgrounds. This made me fell out of place and wished I could be taken back to our home. However, with time passed, I got used to whites. Currently, I can freely relate to them.

Identity according to the writer is not defined by the race or skin color. True identity is inherent in one’s soul that resides within the body. Thus, the writer only uses the term colored to mean an outward skin color of the Negroid.

From an objective point of view, the writer is talking about the real segregation that occurred in America between the colored and the whites. She asserts that being a colored or a white is a fact and not an opinion. She also expresses her true feelings of anger about how she was discriminated because of her color. This gives her work some sense of subjectivity.

The author employs more of rhetorical questions as she conveys her content to the readers. The sentences used by the author are short and precise to the point. The author also used the descriptive sentences to elaborate her experiences in different occasions.

The general effect of the essay provokes people to start thinking outside their race or their color. The author thus manages to underscore the need for cohesion, elimination of stereotype and discrimination based on racial differences.

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