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Yo Soy Joaquin Analysis

The poem is also entitled “Yo Soy Joaquin.” The poem became famous in the United States in the 1960s.  The poem narrates the struggles that Chicano people were undergoing during the period. The challenges involved economic injustice and unequal human rights. The Chicano people had a hard time in seeking the right identity; this is because they were in a hybrid Mestizo Society. According to the narrative voice of the poem Joaquin, the people of Chicano can demand acceptance within this society, however, they need to be proud of themselves so as they can be given equal opportunities like other members of the society.

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The Genesis of Chicano Literature

The poem was the genesis of Chicano literature; Chicano means people with low status in society. The poem begins with I am Joaquin, lost in the world of confusion…the first statement indicates what the poem aims to achieve. The first statement does not identify the identity of the narrative voice Joaquin, however, in the lines that follow, they illustrate a confused foreign country with conflicts. The poems illustrate the history of Mexican American struggles and focus on the future when the Chicano people would be liberated of their inequalities.

The differences between culture and economic struggles result to the people making a forced choice. The choice is between maintaining the cultures and having a full stomach (victory of the spirit, despite the physical hunger). According to the poem Christianity units the Mexicans, however, there is confusion in Christianity in the case of Mexican American culture. The key survival is revolutionary faith and endurance.

The poem is inspirational during the Chicano movement because it reflects all the challenges facing the Chicano people during a period in which they try adapting to the American culture. The poem focuses on culture recognition, labor laws, civil rights and justice for all.

I Am Joaquin Summary

Chicano rock is a type of music that derives its ideas from the Chicano literature. Mexican Americans perform this type of music in different languages and use instruments such as brass instruments and trumpets. The difference between Chicano rock and the America rock is that the American rock dates back to the 1940s and is highly influenced by British music.

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