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One of the most important issues concerned by the author is the ending of the play. Critic disputes whether the “happy ending” is the part of authentic text written by Euripides. Analysis of this issue is of great importance for the drama literature. Most of the materials of antique playwrights, which are accessible nowadays, remain in the copies of the interpolators of future periods. In order to understand concrete thinking of that age, stereotypes and level of cultural development it is necessary to differentiate layups. For studying drama literature, it is important to understand what elements and inventions were used at the moment the writer lived and created his plays.

The author proves that this “happy ending” with rescue of Iphigenia is not Euripides’ one. Original “Iphigenia in Aulis” did not contain the miracle. Probably it was a later acquisition of mythology. Having analyzed majority of the translations, the author stresses upon the fact that all the tension collapses with the divine mercy of Artemis. There is significant difference between the dramatic tricks used by Euripides and interpolator’s “improvement”. The feeling of discrepancy hinders enjoying the expected effect of the great play by the innovator of the Ancient Greek drama. To my mind, we cannot say that it is the same thing: Euripides’ play and interpolator’s copy. It is possible to compare them, but not to equalize. The keynote of the aforementioned passage is perception of the drama by contemporaries of Euripides. Considering this issue through the prism of time and our experience, it is almost impossible to notice such a detail, but if there were no such elements, Euripides would not become a popular playwright inter vivos. Details form the general vision.

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