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The beauty of the wild uncontrolled and free

Drags millions from the world over to see

The perfect balance, ambience and symmetry

The need to identify with nature now comes at a fee!


Deep within each of us is a need to belong

An animal instinct wild and free like that of KING KONG

So suppressed and hidden in the cloud of civilization for so long

Why not be comfortable in your skin like the bird whistles a song?


Feel the soft, gentle and sensational caress as the wind blows

The fresh smells filled with enigmatic memories of a good time flows

The feeling of pure romance sealed by the melodies created as it blows though hollows

The flickering flames in camping nights by the campfire as the wolf howls


Watch as the crew has so joy and fun in play

At the base of the river’s breathtaking waterfall water spray

The experts say that beautiful skin comes from a bath in mud and clay!!

Why not take time to embrace our wild side, at least once a day?


God took his time to eliminate the darkness by creating the sun’s rays

Took his time to delete hunger by making plants feed from these rays, photosynthesis

Thus the genesis of the food chain which has the hunted on which the hunter preys

The sweet songs in the morning from birds of paradise as they give praise


The nature is beautiful in perfect balance functioning in sweet harmony

Man made by God was given the duty to maintain this rhythmic synchrony

Equipped with the intelligence to organize ourselves into a productive colony

Sadly we destroy nature in the search for what we created…money!!!


Why do we feel refreshed when we are out of the artificial comforts we have made?

The very seed that sprouted into our existence is nature, yet on its throat we hold a blade!!

Let us develop and progress bearing in mind the duty for which man was made

Unless we change we are messing up!! Let us call a spade a spade

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