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Othello the Moor is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the play Othello. Othello is a black Moor who was the greatest army general in Venice. In this drama we will describe a conflict between the protagonist Othello and a superior force and show how this makes Othello a tragedy.

In this drama, there are some conditions that make the story a tragedy. The first example is Othello the protagonist who finally has to have a date with destiny. The second is catharsis in which the audience is captured to feel some connection to the actors. The protagonist’s fortune turns tragic and s/he later suffers heavily at the end of the play (Who is Othello?).

Othello the protagonist is a unique drama which intertwines between love and jealousy with some war episodes. At the beginning of the play, Othello and Desdemona are so much in love than the other characters. They were viewed as the perfect couple who complimented each other. Desdemona protests to her father, a duke, about her marriage to Othello. Although at first they overcame the many barriers like that of age, skin color and came from different races. Othello is consumed by pride that his thoughts revolve on “No one messes around with Othello.” Othello is then tested by Iago when he presents him with evidence of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness. Othello reacts with a lot of pride; because he thinks now he is a man of great honors he will not be cheated. After this episode, he now thinks that fate can be beaten by killing his cheating wife Desdemona. After he realizes his errors in judgment, Othello feels guilty and wrong. He is one who cannot make the right decision. He promotes Iago but promotes Iago, he kills Desdemona although he loves her. He later commits suicide when he fears being judged. This is tragedy brought out clearly by Shakespeare (Bloom H. Pg.5-20 ).


A tragedy is defined as a drama that describes a conflict. In this drama, Othello starts of as a successful. Roderigo attempts to kill Cassio due to his lust for Desdemona. Roderigo is convinced by Iago that to take Desdemona he has to kill Cassio because they are now sleeping together. Tragedy is then brought out when he tries to kill Cassio, but Cassio loses his rank.

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