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Pastrolia is one of the greatest novels that tell real life situations using a fictitious story in a comical way. However, many readers tend to argue whether the author meant to be comical when writing the short stories or was trying to educate people using comical stories. First, the author starts the stories in a cave dweller setting where park attendants somewhere in America are acting a situation that was happening in the caveman era. In this setting, readers can see the image of a cave family with the troubles they had in the olden days. In this story, the situation continues to become more pathetic as the story develops. In this situation, the author is using comical effects to tickle the readers. “Oh God, the group would love this. You’re telling a very troubled inadvertent substance misuse to go live with his terminally ill grandmother?” (Saunders, 2001). At this point, the readers can see the comic side of the story yet the author is creating a sad and pathetic situation.

On the other hand, this situation is used to tell a story of a person working at a gas station. According to the cave dweller story, they are living in a dilapidating situation, and it is moving from poor to worse. In comparison to the reality, a person working at a gas station does not earn a lot of money. Additionally, he or she has left so many problems at home and yet the gas station job is not making the situation better. Therefore, the story educates people how to act on problems affecting them. In this case, readers have the right to argue whether the author of the story might be educating readers about a real life situation or the author is trying to entertain the readers.

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