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This poem is known for being one of the most frequently cited poems in the United States of America. Written in 1974 by the illustrious American author Phillip Larkin it bears a very informative message irrespective its size and concise nature. My firm opinion is that the poem depicts the wrongfulness of the traditional upbringing approaches which are worshipped in traditional American families.  The pivotal phrase of the poem is ´´they fuck you up, your mum and dad´´. Naturally, it signifies that our creators, whoever they may be, either some divine creatures or our parents and grandparents respectfully brought us up wrongfully.                                

The poem is considerably pessimistic in its nature. The phrase “they filled you with the faults they had” purports the irreversibility of the circumstance ensued from our lifestyles, upbringing, and education.   Obviously, the author connotes that both our parent’s generation, as well as our own, is doomed as well as our posterity.    

Undoubtedly, the central figure of the poem is not definite. My standpoint is that the main character is the “generation”. Our generation, the preceding one and the forthcoming one – all we are, have been and will be “fucked up” by the wrong, outdated upbringing approaches, by the government and social institutions.

David. H.R. Lawrence “The Rocking Horse Winner” p 1016

A marvelous, brief but extremely thought-provoking short story composed by the outstanding writer David Herbert Richard Lawrence is a masterpiece of modern literature.  The story focuses on the young English lady who, citing her own words had ‘there must be more money! There must be more money! ’(Abacrian, Klotz, 2006, 1016, 5).  This phrase bears the main message of the story.  The lady supposes that she and her family will surely encounter financial hardships in the upcoming future and permanently complains that she is totally ‘dissatisfied with her marriage’.                                                                                    

My firm opinion is that Lawrence craved to pose Paul as the main character of the book. The author fervently persevered in demonstrating how the adoring son can sacrifice his health and even his life in order to extinguish his mother’s ambitions and suppress her financial appetite.  The boy willingly and consciously gave his life to ensure the quietness and financial prosperity of his adored mother

I am astounded by the behavior of the main character of the story, and how the conservatively oriented English lady can be able to squandering a fortune. As far as I know, three hundred twenty thousand dollars are enough to provide with all necessities the average English family of the 19th century for five years. Hester contrived to fizzle away this money with a fortnight.         

From my point of view, these phrases must be viewed together – ‘no luck’ and ‘dissatisfied with her marriage’.. Unfortunately, the greed of these people is always indomitable. In other words, the more they receive, the more they aspire to possess. Perhaps, the most illustrative example of this was the situation when Mrs. Hester derived three hundred twenty pounds from her son Oscar Creswell, the brother of Mrs. Hester. When Raul realized that this amount is not enough to curb the insuppressible appetite of her mother, he persevered in procuring her with five thousand pounds, but all his exertions went effortless. 

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