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I chose the unnamed grandmother in the story A good man is had to find because of the intriguing and central role she plays in the whole story. The author of the story presents her as an unnamed character and only refers to her as the “grandmother.” The success of the grandmother’s characterization in this story is heavily dependant on the expression of her very patrician “Old south” view.

I believe that I am morally superior to the rest of my family members, seeing that I am a “lady” in society. Others may think that I love to pass judgment on them, but the truth of the matter is I let my moral conscious act as a guiding force in my life. This is best exemplified when I instructed my son Bailey not to associate himself with the misfits as my consciousness would not allow it, “I would not take my children to a place where criminals like those are on the loose” (O’Conner 1). I find that the children’s mother has failed as a parent by not exposing them to more opportunities the world has to offer. Additionally, both parents have failed to instill disciple in them going by their uncultured bratty behavior and self-centered nature. There are no more moral people in the world today; it is hard to find a good man in society.

I really do not want to go to Florida; I would rather visit Tennessee and see my old contacts rather than go to a place where the kids have visited so many times before. But as usual, no body ever listens to my advice.

The new generation has lost their sense of tradition and identity. John Wesley wants to drive past the beloved state of Georgia fast so that he would not have to see much of it. I responded to this saying, “In my time, kids were more reverential of their native states”¦” (O’Conner 2).

Being a lady in this absurd society, I proudly wear carefully selected dresses and hats to uphold my virtuous status, since I am the only one around here who harbors this honor. I often times feels misunderstood by the whole family. Why is it that I am the only responsible one in this household, getting to the car on time and having to wait on the others who are far from ready?

The truth of the matter is that I am dishonest, selfish and a hypocrite. The consciousness that I invoke is clearly depicted when I sneaked Pitty Sing into the car for the trip to Florida, the lies I tell the children concerning the secret panel and not admitting that I made a mistake about the location of the house. It is a shame that I only come to realize the errors off my ways minutes away from my death. My final moments with the misfit are when it finally dawned on me: I am flawed just like anybody else. I can finally see everyone with an eye of compassion and understanding that I was lacking before. I wish I had more time to right my wrongs.

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