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Gatsby to Nick (materialism, wealth, secrets)

Oh! Dear friend, care and love amongst as is of very much importance to our lives, my dear, a friend in deed is a friend in need. I take this precious time to inform you that my life could be much in danger for our love with Daisy tends to be revealing it self and to worry is that even Daisy’s husband who values wealth and any other vanities than he values life. Tom may end up doing any thing that might harm me personally when he actually realizes that I am much in love with his wife Daisy. it’s even getting much trickier Nick as even Daisy admits this position that excites me but real torments Tom especially at this point me an Daisy can’t hide from him this affair any more, Making matters worse at Manhattan hotel I with much enthusiasms I urged Daisy to declare that she never loved Tom but me Daisy says that although she did love Tom “once,” she loved Gatsby “too. (Fitzgerald, 2008). This shows that it’s no more a secret but an affair vivid to whole public around Nick could you please advice me

Gatsby to Daisy

My love Daisy time is elapsing and my love for you getting stronger and stronger. Don’t you think its dangerous especially for me to be in much affection with you despite being Tom’s wife I may be sounding ready to create trouble but all I want is to express my tender to you Daisy for its real and for sure I can’t hide and his you know Daisy could you please a sure me that you are to be my love cause I know Tom is not a climax of your love and its clear that very and take note on this :soon and not later I Gatsby t will be in filth rich compared to that bogus millionaire who value his wealth than others lives .you know its true tom has an alternative for you ,while for me dear all in the women world I only figure you so forget about tom and his mistress, remember true love is not easy to find and to stay away from one you love is more than a crime forget about you and tom nobility but embrace reality no boundary can be between me and you .see you and I love you dear (Fitzgerald, 2008).


High Mr. Tom after consulting my head several times thinking whether the progress I am taking towards Daisy is stoppable, you may be wealthy but remember every woman has to make her own choice especially when it comes to matters pertains to love devotion and affection this is the true case of me and daisy and you now that i too am wealthy and with me and daisy we have come along way if i recall these are days when I was in the military so this is my point lets live with respect for one another and may you be informed that daisy for sure is my own I mean she loves me than she loves you .I want to let you know that me and Daisy are not thinking to part ways either soon or later .I have in fact promised her more than heavens that’s even part of my wealth I am willing to share with her as it has been revealed to you as part of my wealth legacy (Fitzgerald, 2008).

Daisy to Tom

Dear Tom its time for us to meet and talk about one or two matters about me and even about us generally. I am in much trouble as I am facing much challenge in life, some are manageable whereas others are to much and I can’t bear it alone so much rocking between me any especially this time when your rival Gatsby is no longer around, but dead and never again to bother you about me Tom (Fitzgerald, 2008) I am confused whether there exists care between me and you after we have lived with much mistrust and unfaithfulness between both of us, can you please tell me what’s next after all this dramas in our marital life .I know it offends you so much especially when you happen to think about me and the gone Gatsby ,forget about that for its gone and now if we are true to each other let’s make up for still we are the only combination of this old aristocracy

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