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Sophia which in Greek translates to wisdom is considered by almost every Gnostic as being the most significant a eon after Christ or rather Autogenes. This is due to her efforts of setting the pace in creating the material world we now inhabit.

Sophia contrary to Barbelo was known as Afterthought. The former aimed at copying the invisible spirit by creating her own image, in doing so she wanted to produce young ones without being approved by her Father who is a spirit (McGuire, 3). She had the power of doing so but she was not that perfect. She was shocked beyond words when she gave birth to a very ugly creature that was not perfect which had a lion face intertwined withthat of a serpent having eye of fire-this she named Yaldaboth

She casted the creature out of pleroma hiding her child in a thick cloud from the other aeons as she was embarrassed and shameful of her acts. This creature was the one that was the fast to steal Sophia’s powers although he was weak his ambitions and power thirst were clear. She was not able to escape thus from the clouds. The son boasted of being the God and that no other God was beside him

The ruler gave birth to twelve other archons of which he gave them small bits of power he posed. Seven ruled the seven heavens while five could rule in the abyss created by Yaldaboth

Sophia rebuked her son and named him Samael. Streatching her finger, she brought limitless light that left the chief archon full of fear. They were rebuked and heard an invisible spirit, they later saw image of God. Sophia repented on realizing that she had sinned against her Father, her stolen powers were given back to her

Archons are unable to defile or to destroy Sophia. Sophia in the text of creation among the twelve aeons, which were produced from the Spirit and Christ (Autogenes), to be of assistance to christ and they were referred to as the Liminaries also as the Light Aeons. Sophia was the lowest and the youngest from the fourth light aeon, first on this light aeon was Eleleth whose grace was perfection and peace and Sophia was graced with wisdom.

Sophia is documented to be the most important aeon after Christ (Autogenes) this fact made the Archons to be unable to destroy Sophia. In the same context Sophia was restored for her purpose of setting the material world creation motion which the Spirit valued and had in mind (Timelessmyths, 2). From this facets Sophia was renamed as the after thought after she created an image out of pride to emulate the invisible Spirit (Father) without authorization and consent of her Father (Spirit). Although she was an eaon she was not perfect like Barbelo or Christ (Autogenes), although she had the mandate to produce off spring but with authorization form the Spirit.

However, she rebelled and acted with mutiny and spawned an ugly offspring resembling a lion faced serpent which she named Yaldobaoth. Because of embarrassment of the ugly offspring she cast him out of Pleroma and hid her offspring in a thick cloud out of sight of the other eaons (McGuire, 4). Sophia powers were stolen away by Yaldobaoth and so she could not escape from the cloud back to pleroma. Yaldobaoth was fond of her mother and so all other archon he created could not touch her as he was the ruler of the archon.

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