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Imagine that a beat of a man’s heart is a song that the universe hears all the eternity. The world is filled with songs of people’s hearts. In the composition of beats lives a unique creature. One may call it a conductor, who directs the singing. It is Love — the light spirit that makes the music wonderful.

Around Love everyone is happy. One can say that Love is old, but it is everlasting. Love has never been seen, because it can only be felt and heard by hearts. It is everywhere in the air. Love makes hearts beat magnificently. It is the phrase “I love you” that is the leading melody and the rhythm of the Earth turning around its axis. But, there was a day when Earth almost stood in the silence of broken hearts.

An evil spirit named Hate put people in devastation. It has made everyone say “I hate you”. The second a person speaks this phrase there is a sound, like a glass that crashes against a solid surface. The pieces of that glass cut people’s hearts and the amazing song of Love failed to be played. The terror of silence has fallen.

It seemed like nothing could save the world from a terrible abyss of Hate. In that very moment, when everything was lost, as Hate wanted it, a boy looked deeply in the wide, forget-me-not eyes of a pretty girl, and said: “I love you”. Hate heard him. Hate though that in the prison of the silence no heart could beat fast and strong. Hate suffered the defeat and disappeared.

You see, it is in power of Hate to break a heart and stop the music, but Love has a power much bigger. Love heals the wounds and brings the music back. People will be happy until a person is able to love.

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