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Wangari Maathai’s “Sowing Seeds of Hope†was more than just a profound reading; it was a true story about an incredible woman, who could change the catastrophic situation in the country to its best. This person was concerned about the environment problems, namely its degradation, and decided to undertake substantial actions for her country. Being increasingly ambitious, she did impossible for that time, in particular,  she made her country fellows believe that even poor, illiterate and insignificant women  can come out on top by making considerable efforts. Furthermore, she knew that the only way out of the   famine and decline problems was simply planting trees, besides she was the first who saw that and showed it to everyone. Wangari Maathai was an incredible woman, the one who could lead the women of Kenya to the massive reforestation movement, thus to the revival of the whole country. To my way of thinking, she became a true heroine of her epoch.

The second article is called “Rebeka Njauâ€. It is about an ordinary woman who wanted to connect her life with drama. Unfortunately, after realizing that playing on the stage would be impossible, she decided to become a teacher. I In such  way, she could be closer to her favorite drama, teaching  it to people. However, she was not  an ordinary  teacher and decided to start writing about the women of Kenya. Moreover, she wrote about those personalities whose role for the tribes and the country  was paramount . I think this person  can be considered to be  an exclusive one, because she believed in women and their potential and understood their situation they were in completely. For example, nearly every woman in Kenya had from five to twelve and sometimes more children. These women had to bring  their children up by working  hardly every day… Rebeka Njau had two children, whom she brought up, while teaching and working at school. She could devote to her writing much less  time . She overcame a lot of hardships and knew that other women were leaving in even worse conditions.

I was amazed by these two marvelous stories about women who wanted to resist the common opposition and prove that women, particularly the Kenyan ones, can reach  the same success as men, and even a greater one; women can feel free and comfortable expressing their own thoughts and feelings, they can do wonders.

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