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Business communication is a necessary component of the business life that determines how successful, effective and efficient your business is and how it will be. Eternal and one of the main regulators of this relationship are the ethical basis of the ideas expression, of justice and injustice, right or wrong actions of people. Communication in business cooperation with one’s subordinates, business partner, boss or colleagues are always regulated by the ethical and behavioural norms of the person. The specifics of business communication due to the fact that it occurs on the basis and on the specific type of activity related to the production of a product or business effect. Business communication has the formal (official) status defined by the necessary rules and standards (including ethical) behaviour. Therefore, business communication is a process the relationship and interaction in order to exchange of the business activity, information and experience. Business communication differs from communication in a broad sense that in its process to the goal and the specific tasks that need to be solved. In business communication, it is impossible to terminate the relationship with the partner.

A significant part of business communication takes office communication: the interaction of people, carried out in the workplace, in the walls of the organization. However, business communication concept is broader than the service, as it involves the interactions of employees and owner or employer not only in organizations, but also in various business functions, seminars, exhibitions, etc.

Business communication can be divided into direct (direct contact) and indirect (between the partners in a space-time distance). Direct business communication is more efficient than indirect, because of the suggestion power and emotional impact.

There are two types of business communication: verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication means communication with the words usage and non-verbal communication means conveying information through the posture, gestures, facial expressions, tone, looks, geographical location, etc.

Business communication has a lot of aspects, but one of the most important is feedback. In a broad sense, feedback means a review, a response to an action or event. Feedback is necessary tool that is important in communication with business partners, employees, colleagues and boss. Feedback can be as positive (bonuses) as negative (penalties), but the main sense is that the person was heard and had received the answer. There, the best way to make a right feedback is to use reflecting listening. Reflective listening is objective feedback to the speaker, used as a control accuracy of perception heard. In this case, the feedback given by listening to speech form via the following methods: asking open and closed questions on the topic of conversation (asking), paraphrasing to the source, allowing to present the same idea in other words (paraphrase), reflection of feelings and summarizing – the presentation of interim and final conclusions on a conversation (usually used in long conversations).

Feedback makes communication process easier. Customer feedback is an important factor of communication. “Contact Us” – clarifying and purifying form of receiving customers’ feedback, and it performs the following functions: received feedback from others, carrying information to the client about how he perceived in the process of communicating to others, contributes to the attainment of his own “I”; processing feedback in accordance with the internal dispositions complement representation of the interlocutor; constructive feedback, determining self-regulation, causing the subsequent correction of behavior, replacing it with more effective one.

In communication between specialists of any profile with a client, colleagues, meaningful feedback is the need of both partners – an important and necessary condition for establishing trust. This is achieved when the partner is sure that the other side of communication process is shearing with him/her problems, emotions and able to help him/her with this.

Therefore, the feedback refers to techniques and methods of obtaining information about the partner in communication, used by interlocutors to adjust own behavior in the communication process. Feedback involves conscious control of communicative action, monitoring and evaluation of its partner reactions, the subsequent change in accordance with that of their own behavior. Feedback involves the ability to see oneself whether a partner perceives him/herself in communication process. Inexperienced interviewees often forget about the feedback and do not know how to use it.

Feedback mechanism involves the ability to match its partner’s reaction with estimates of one’s own actions and to conclude what caused a certain reaction interlocutor on the spoken word. In the reverse link also includes corrections that make communicating people in their own behavior, depending on how he/she perceives and evaluates the partner’s actions. The ability to use feedback to communicate is one of the major points included in the business communication process and the structure of the business communication abilities.

In conclusion it is necessary to point that in the process of business communication and in day to day communication people listening, but not hearing each other and this promotes ineffective feedback, and as a result ineffective communication for both sides. Listening can be ineffective in cases where it does not provide a proper understanding of the words and feelings of the interlocutor. The listening is also inefficient, when there is no mutual involvement of partners in communication in order to understand the problem under discussion, this does not lead to its solution or correct statement is not conducive to the establishment of trust between the partners in communication. Effective listening is a complex act of requiring the constant attention of the listener, commitment, willingness to break away from their own problems and to understand the concerns of another. Therefore, in order to promote successful feedback, the effective listening should be used and only in this way the successful business communication will occur.

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