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A good project management team cultivated the project where Kris Hodgkins was the project manager and also responsible for designing, marketing and construction work of the condominium unit.

To be specific, the key success factor over here is that the total control of the sales was totally in her hands. The 3 sales staffs appointed by her daily submit a report directly to her, which helps her to keep a track on all the sales. The full and final confirmation was given to her by the staffs. In this way all uncertainties and failures can be controlled by her without any delay. Even Regency and KDS argued about the size of the condominium unit, where regency offered 72 large units and KDS offered 96 units. Kris Hodgkins noticed that the project suffered due to the budgetary problem. She resolved the problem and decided to construct 96 units. This also acts as a success factor, because it was very important for her to take the right decision at the right time. As the senior manager is also very dedicated to the client satisfaction, Kris Hodgkins has been continuously trying to make her best to meet up the demands of the client as much as possible. This also acts as a success factor, because some of the clients, like Millers, wished to spend $1,500,000 and also $200,000 for architectural changes. As a project manager one should not compromise on the quality of the project. Here Kris Hodgkins tried to solve the problem in terms of quality and budget through proper communication and meetings for customer delight. Being very involved and worried with this project, she decided to call a meeting to discuss and get different views of all the members present. It would have been more complicated for her to run the project without the meeting and discussion. This involvement and arrangement of the meeting acted as a success factor because this meeting helped the entire project to overcome the uncertainties and difficulties through the straight discussion. Effective project managers always try to communicate with his/her team and integrate into it. Here Kris Hodgkins arranged this meeting in order to solve the raising problems through her multiple-skill team.

Failure Factors

The relationship between Kelly construction and Regency was not so good due to the constant change of design. Hence the project cost increased and it didn’t keep within the budget. Kris Hodgkins couldn’t ignore this, because it was also her responsibility to coordinate the project budget. Paul Grogan, the project manager of Kelly construction, was disappointed hugely because of incomplete details and continuous changes in design. Whereas, Jeff Cunningham, the project manager of regencies, was also very disappointed because he noticed that the workforce was decreasing. Initially the management targeted at financially strong senior group. At that moment the sales eventually decreased because there were fewer financially strong clients interested in the product than it was expected. Kris Hodgkins couldn’t ignore this problem, because she was the project manager responsible for designing, marketing and construction work of condominium unit. Another relevant factor which affected the sales was verbal advertisement. This kind of marketing required verbal advertisement but Hodgkins was not interested in it because of its high cost.


Susan Randolph was appointed for customizing Millers’s unit. Millers planned to purchase Condominium at Regency Plaza for their friends and personal affairs. But Susan Randolph noticed that Kris Hodgkins, the project manager, and Paul Grogan, Kelly’s project manager, were not enough conscious about the project. She also observed that both the project managers insisted on finishing the project as fast as possible and paid little attention to the quality of the project.

Regency also appointed Tom Sinclair to coordinate the changes in the design of the main building at the wish of the customer. But it took too much time to coordinate this kind of project where several design changes took place. Moreover it was a new design and Hodgkins wanted Tom Sinclair to complete the work at short notice though he was provided by unfinished details and insufficient information.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the project are illustrated below.

1. Project coordination: it has been understood that project coordination is of utmost importance for any project to get completed successfully.

2. Man power handling along with client and architect human resource control is another important area.

3. Proper guidelines: a proper guideline should be there for a project.

4. Planning:  it has been learned that proper planning is necessary for any project. It helps to achieve the objectives with ease. Kris Hodgkins needed to plan carefully before the start of the renovation, otherwise some disruptions in the process of work could occur. Again it could result in an increase in the budget. In addition it could also delay the project.

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