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The action is to focus on developing a collaborative learning procedure that is more computer-based than paper based. This means more involvement of simulations and use of intranets to enhance the notion of collaboration and coordination among the graduates to reflect the operations of the real business work environments. This collaborative learning that is researched on is known as computer-supported collaborative learning (CSDL). This system allows new and improved electronic means of learning to be developed which are more learner-oriented and centered on those who are being taught. But the difference is that the centeredness is as much on the learners as on the computer based operations and activities. These systems are of high use for long distance correspondence learning which has become highly common due to the advent of internet and the geographical contraction it offers through various means of communication that is fast and easy to access. Computer based learning tools such as simulated classrooms and case situations allow the students to feel as much part of the actual physical classrooms with attention from the instructors as do the ones who are physically present in class. But the advantage of such procedures and tactics is that they allow for quick analysis and evaluations allowing the instructors to give out prompt feedback which helps fast development of the students on the receiving end.

Increasingly more and more companies are offering computer based and simulated learning during for developmental training of their employees, such as Hotel Ramada, where employees are presented with simulations and online tests that allows them to better learn of how actual problems are solved and catered to without any stress and panic, whereby inducing them the notion that how one action and decision can affect others, which is shown through a chain reaction in the form of an interactive online game, depicted in a chain reaction. This allows them to understand how interrelated the various operations and activities of the company are and how one major or minor decision can affect the overall functionality and performance of the company, therein applying affectively the concept of holistic work environment into the curricula for the developmental training. The institutions are open to similar grounds when it comes to computer based collaborative learning (Cratz and Susanne, 1993).

Such computer based collaborative learning has various advantages to offer to various types of companies or various types of work, such as in hospitals, commercial organizations, marketing consultancies, engineers, or social work and humanity oriented works, such as psychiatry or counseling. The point is that no matter what type of work, the implication of computer based learning and that too which is collaborative is essential to incorporate more effectively the notion of modern work environment in to the students. The action research that is being undertaken is done in the area of collaborative computer based learning practices and how these can be induced in to the overall curriculum designs of the institutions imparting professional development to the students.

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