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Database management system refers to the application software that is used to manage data for storage, access and to perform specific actions on the data. DBMS is responsible of providing an interface for the user to control the privileges, and to manage the functions or actions on the database. A Relational Database management System is a database which based on the relational model, and that was introduced by the E.F. Codd. A relational database is managed in the format of tabular data, and each entity is represented by a table or multiple tables. Oracle and My SQL are the two examples of the relational database management system. Oracle database management system is an object relational database management system that is produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation while MYSQL is developed Sun Microsystems. Both database management systems are used widely around the world, and both are the relational database. Oracle database management system provides users with better user management and security to the large enterprises. It includes Enterprise level management tools for users. MySQL is a free and open source database management system while oracle is expensive. However, there are numbers of the large enterprises such as Facebook and Digg that are running perfectly with the My SQL.

Oracle is used by the large corporation because of the many reasons such as the ability to audit and security management at a higher level, and there are many differences between MySQL and Oracle such as MySQL has table locking while oracle has row locking. MySQL support more types of table than oracle. MySQL uses an auto increment attribute to assigned column when a table is created. Another difference between Oracle and MySQL is the insert statement, where in MySQL values clause is available to specify multiple sets of data, unlike Oracle 9i. MySQL is used widely in web applications whereas Oracle is used by the companies on their local networks.

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