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Attraction and retention of workers is one of the major functions of human resource management. This function is increasingly becoming a significant concept of building corporate capabilities and ensuring competitiveness. In Mayo Clinic, human resource management values the aspect of selecting the most suitable employee for each and every opening. The organization adopts a value based hiring technique, which looks for only individuals who can make team players and grow in the organization. Among the other qualities the human resource leaders look for include empathy, relatively flexible while still able to stand you position, strong work ethic, loyalty and ability to handle ambiguity. This has made the organization enjoy low turnover rates while still able to retain the desired talent and expertise (Bartram & Stanton 2007).

An HR’s report drawn in the end of 2007 indicated that effective recruiting is highly crucial in helping to achieve the organization’s strategic plan. It was reported that about six thousand allied healthcare positions were advertised and filled during the year. The department’s move to increase quality in their services saw to it that the time of filling an opening reduce from 35 days to 29 days in average. The organization also embraces diversity in the hiring process. People of all races and origins get equal opportunities in the job filling.


As human resource professionals, the Mayo Clinic’s human resource team is mandated with the responsibility of managing organizational culture, appraising employee and team performance, and training and developing the employees just to mention a few. These tasks are extremely challenging especially when dealing with an organization as large as Mayo Clinic. However, this team receives a lot of praises for the excellent job they have done in management of the workforce.

Historically, their success has earned the department the respect of a business partner. The Health industry though is being faced by numerous challenges, which put the team in a difficult position since they have to even deliver greater utility (Wooten & Decker 2006). Given all these environmental problems in addition to financial instability, the human resource executives have undertaken to establish the relationship between their practices and business results and ways through, which they can enhance the organization’s performance in the prevailing conditions. The team plans to increase the quality of their services even more and put in place better and more effective strategic human resource policies for more efficient and productive running of the clinic. Other organizations are now realizing the importance of an effective human resource team and are trying to improve their organizations using strategic human resource management.

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