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FCAPS is a network management model which is attributed to the ISO Telecommunications. It is an acronym which stands for five categories existing within the Network Management System. These five categories are Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance as well as Security. Basically, they are meant to perform different tasks within the whole ISO model network existing within the system as a whole (Hashmi, 2007).

Fault is considered to be a preliminary section of the model which determines functionality of the whole network model set-up. Moreover, due to its sensitivity nature, it is considered to be the most delicate section of the model as a whole. Fault section of the management works through such activities as inspecting, isolating, repairing as well as documenting possible errors which may occur in the course of network operations. This feature uses the properties of trend analysis in order to identify and eradicate risks of errors within the network system which might hinder the normal operations of the firm (Hashmi, 2007).

Configuration management section has a substantive number of roles in the course of operations of the existing network. For instance, it collects information from different device features in the system thus making it easier for IT specialists to identify definite source of drawbacks within the system (Hashmi, 2007). It should be noted that Configuration section assists in making relevant and reliable changes within the existing database, and as a result, the entire database can be adjusted and eliminated in case it becomes obsolete. In addition to this, configuration incorporates features of other IT infrastructural devices to ensure the efficiency of systems.

Accounting section is concerned with the billing functionality of the system; thus it is also referred as the billing management function. Systems use the Accounting feature for performing such statistical functions as the usage of hard disks, link usage, as well as in the timing of Central Processing Unit.

For instance, it is safe to assume that the most crucial aspect within a network setting is the alarming feature which alerts IT specialists in case of unnecessary interruptions in the system. These unnecessary events can range from stern system interruptions as a result of errors in the line cards to such infringements as fire. The aforesaid interruptions are identified and statistically arranged by the Accounting feature.

Performance Function is a feature of the network system which is concerned with the overall operation of the network as a whole. This function allows for maximization of the throughput through the identification and elimination of possible hindrances. IT specialists use this feature to identify those sections of the network systems which can be altered and improvised on in the effort to increase the overall efficiency of the network system as a whole.

Security management feature ensures the protection of the network system from such unnecessary intrusions as hacking, unauthorized internet users, as well as other physical disrupts which may undermine the overall operations of the network system as a whole. Definition of the network security has been widened to include protection of the data of authorized users. Thus, the Security management feature is developed in a manner which restricts unauthorized use of data from outsiders (IBM, 2012).

Another crucial aspect of the Security function model is the fact that it allows for easier and efficient administration roles in order to set up restrictions in the manner that authorized users of the network can or cannot access it in the course of using the system. This ensures that top-level information is not availed to irrelevant users of the system as a whole (IBM, 2012).

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