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Hello my name is Jane Joachim. It gives me pleasure to express my satisfaction and immense enthusiasm of joining you as the new Health Services Manager at Maimonides medical center. Recently I graduated from Baker College with a degree in health services administration. I have been working in the medical field for a couple of years as an Optician before completing my degree at Baker College. Before graduating, I completed one year of experiences working at New York Hospital as administration assistant. Since I joined Baker College, for a Bachelors degree in health services Administration, I had nurtured a dream that became a reality two weeks ago when I received my appointment to work for this medical center as a health services manager. My knowledge, passion, skills and competences gained so far in the medical field will be a formidable asset for the development of this center.

One of the key strengths of the medical field is the ability to handle patients in the correct manner. I decided to go into management because I wanted to make a difference within the medical field. This degree has trained and allowed me to understand the management aspect of healthcare. I am excited and interested to work for such a prestige hospital that provides exceptional services to their employees and patients.

I developed an interest in working with in this center because of its qualified medical staff. I was impressed by the progress of the center which reveals that the center’s healthcare facilities and services had been increasing over the past years. This implies that the center is capable of doing better than the past despite the many challenges it faces. This is why I have joined your health center to work with likeminded staff to ensure that the center remains on top. I am looking forward to a better working experience in this medical center. Thank you for this great opportunity.

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