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Dear Joe Davison,

I hereby present the effect that will result due to some factors taken by the organization in anticipation for its growth towards profit maximization as well as loss minimization in the Sports-Pro, Inc.

Sports-Pro appropriately changed its depreciation method for its production machinery from the double-declining balance method to the production method effective January 1, 2010

The effect of the changing operation in the production machinery from the double declining balance to the production method will highly depend on the cash flow rather than accounting profit, as the company will be in a position to reinvest the cash flow hence used as a measurement tool. This is projected through capital expenses like vehicles, equipments as well as  plants which depreciate as years goes by hence deduction from profit and therefore the uncontrolled cash flow projects the advantages as well as cost via monetary received, reinvestment period, as well as repayment period. In connection to cash flow is the positive effect brought about by the capturing of the market from competitors rather than developing new product as well as diversification of products with no effect to the organization. . More over, the heavy investment by the organization in the fresh project includes the surplus in working capital in the form of fresh inventory towards stock openings, while some cash will be from received accounts hence amount sunk in to the project is known as sunk cost. The organization should also focus in the best alternative while investing in a fresh project to avoid loss in the cash flow hence a product should utilize good floor space in production factor. Hence yearly uncontrolled monetary flow is achieved via cash flow operation in the working capital changes, as well as every capital that may occur in the pro forma statement and later adjustment of interest, depreciation, working expenditures, as well as working capital that may emerge.

In the process of product development there should be consideration of accounting interest resulting to its increase should not involve the cost of capital required to support the project while issuing bonds to finance the project. Depreciation factor as well as taxes  should be considered should be involved unlike the depreciation which the organization views as expense as it does not involve cash flow, but the working capital is not an expense, therefore cash flow is increased in the organization as new product is developed.

Effective January 1, 2010, Sports-Pro appropriately changed the salvage values used in

Computing depreciation for its office equipment

The period set for the innovation of the changes in the salvage values utilized in the process of summing up the depreciation factor of the office equipment in the organization can be determine easily in the annual period. This enhances the recovery of the capital recovery period hence affecting the investment of assets. In addition, the to the assets investment is the facilitation factor that the deduction offers in the tax savings hence the time set allows early recovery of the capita; hence early tax saving, in relation to writing off of the fast asset cost results to high returns on the assets due to tax saving as a result of deduction. In order to have a fast recovery expenditure time on the expenditure on capital, the organization has to make expenditure inn reflection to the business purpose as well as have explained important span of life.

Therefore, assets for family or the land as well as securities do not fall in the process of capital recovery reduction, unless some are disposed off. Through the set of a well defined time frame the acquisition process and annual disposition conventional process outlines the highest extend in which the annual depreciation is accepted on a bought item as well as disposal process in the year. In addition, clarifying the convention the annul depreciation on purchase as well as sale is unified

 On December 31, 2010, Sports-Pro appropriately changed the specific subsidiaries Constituting the group of companies for which consolidated financial statements are Presented.

A change in the individual auxiliary in the organization will result to affecting the principle of consolidation, which involves the Sports-pro inc. as well as its subsidiaries hence elimination of the transactions in collaboration to all significant inter-organization accounts. In addition, cash as well as cash equivalent is altered as the organization weigh all the highly liquid purchase investments to be the same at the  original, remaining maturity or in a period of less than the stipulated months of about three months. The organization also puts in to consideration the investment while altering some auxiliary should try to focus on the short-term investment in the period of maturity of less than three months or less than a year. Therefore, the institution should be in a position to identify the cost foundation of bonds as well as notes and public security trading in the organization.

This leads to determination of the organization investment accessible for sale hence recorded in consolidated balance sheet at affordable value. By reducing auxiliary, a loss may be realized or a gain in the investment separate from comprehensive income as well as impact generated by net tax. Reduction of auxiliary affect the inventories as per market value or minimal cost, hence  cost being approximated by standard cost where actual cost is projected relaying on first in  first out basis. Company also provides allows in inventory focused on surplus, determining future projection on demand. On the other hand, restricted investment which may involve notes and bonds with over a year maturity is altered as the collateral from the auxiliary is affected in relation to the given agreement, and the advertisement cost increases as a result of seclusion of the auxiliary organization.  

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