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A leader should be able to understand the capability of all his subordinates. To be successful one need to delegate duties to the informed and qualified employees. In Dell they do not leave anything to chance. Through the leadership of Michael Dell, he believes one is accountable for every action that they undertake (Grant, 2007). To achieve the dreams and visions of the organisation the company is divided into three divisions. They are based in USA, Europe and Asia. This enables specialisation of duty for ease in management. Information is directed from the top management and passed to subordinates. They are given a chance to communicate their ideas which are integrated in the decisions made by the top management body. Michael Dell believes that every employee has a right to be heard and every idea that contributes to benefits of the organisation should be considered (Park & Burrows, 2003). This portrays a good relationship between the management and its employees. More so, he believes that failure of one should be attributed to all the team members involved. 

For a good Hersey-Blanchard theory, the management has to adapt a different approach to every situation. This is explained by the fact that the requirement of every situation may differ. Therefore, measures for every scenario should be different (Bertocci, 2009). This greatly calls for a great communication and understanding of the skills, knowledge and experience of all the subordinates. The less experienced and skilled employees should have clear instructions and close supervision. The more experienced ones should have little supervision to boost their morale and trust. This will generally have a high degree of trust and will boost their output. The CEO demands that every manager should be a walking database. Michael believes that all his staff should have the necessary information on their finger tips. It will greatly assist them to make viable decision. In deed, we could argue that the leadership in Dell is mostly democratic, with features of authoritative (Grant, 2007). But they are suitable in different circumstances and when appropriate.  


Every leadership style adopted should contribute towards the success of an enterprise. We can merely declare one style. However, the use of different styles at each situation depicts a situational leadership approach. Such a form of leadership may have its ups and downs (Bertocci, 2009). Hersey-Blanchard leadership theory is crucial in Dell in that it facilitates personal management. One on one relationship between the employee and the supervisor is crucial. It ensures communication is effectively applied in running of the organisation. It builds team work management. A problem is detected early and corrected before adverse effects. Michael Dell believes that once a problem is detected it should be addressed as early as possible (Park & Burrows, 2003). Through interaction with subordinates and good communication atmosphere this can be highly ensured. This will boost the morale of the employees who in turn will lead to high productivity. Here the employees are nurtured to grow in skills and confidence. They create a personal touch with the leaders hence emotionally attached to organisation. This helps work for achievement of organisation goals. It enables management to be a smooth task.

In some situations, the leader may not be well conversant with the skills of an individual. This may lead to underestimation of subordinate’s ability hence may act as a hindrance to successful completion of the task (Montgomery, 2011). Each person may have different traits as compared to their colleagues. Therefore an assumption of the stage they are in may not be appropriate. Though this can be achieved through close relationship it may be time consuming. As Michael Dell requires that managers to be walking database it is not easy task. To have information of the subordinates at personal level for large number of employees is challenging. This form of leadership generally discourages maintaining secrets of sensitive information. 

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