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While providing the rewards program, it is very vital to understand what motivates workers in those countries where the new subsidiaries are going to be opened. Those workers have very different reasons as to why they are working in one place or another. The workers often work to get some things that they require from the work as a whole. When the workers get what they want they increase their morale of working, their motivation and their total quality of life. Once what motivates employees in this country as been known, implementation of those various factors is done, which will lead to high and increased productivity in the company as a whole. This will make the organization to treat all the employees as if they matter and lead to employee motivation which will lead to increased outputs.

Employee motivation is usually a challenge at the workplace and it knowledge will ensure proper processes to be enabled for all the workers to be satisfied. Since management in international business is a tough game the leaders will need to have the knowledge that is required for employee motivation. The knowledge of employee motivation will enable the management to recognize the power of management when drawing individuals to its premises and activities. When the workers are motivated their enthusiasm will be steered to greater heights making them work hard for the company they are employed.

The enthusiasm that the workers will have will lead them to accomplish various activities that are required. All the employees in the company always have some things that make and ensure the employees are always motivated. When the management knows these areas that specifically make the workers get motivated they will use them efficiently and capitalize on them to maximize the total output from the employees.

Various aspects of motivation require some kind of incentives. When these incentives are given to the workers some budget has to be done to determine which portion of the company money will be used to ensure the workers are motivated as a whole. In today’s commercial world the success of individuals and the company as a whole will depend on how the employees make use of their talents. When the talents the employees possess are made use of the MNC rewards will achieve its stated goals and achievements. As there are various theories of motivation most managers often see workers motivation as a mystery, yet this is not the case but what can make MNC move forward and achieve its intended goals.

It is always true that the MNC expectation and the expectation of the workers themselves are supposed to be co-joined to ensure success of the business operation as a whole.

The motivators in the Japan, France and United States are all the same. There is no difference on the types of motivations that are done. They both end up increasing the output of the programs in those other countries as well.

Both workers in the US, Japan and France need to be motivated the same way and level to avoid rivalry and other competitions that may arise when the workers will want to be treated as the rest of their comrades in the other countries.

Developing the motivational theories to achieve the goals of the programs provided by MNC will be a greater boost to development and innovation to the various partner states. The theories were devised by Maslow, Herzberg and Emmet. When employee motivation is required this theories are usually very important to make use of. For Maslow all the needs of the individuals are always expressed in the form of a hierarchy of needs.

This theory is can work very well when developing the program. The basic needs according to Maslow are usually physiological. He stated that unless the workers like those in the program have food, shelter and clothing it will not avail much if they are presented with other motivational facilities that are higher. This same scenario applies to the MNC program where the workers are supposed to be motivated in their work environment before moving higher to other levels of motivating the employees. Once the workers are made to fill comfortable in their environment then motivating them higher will be much easier.

The workers will need to be motivated to gain a sense of security. The workers will then need to feel they are informed well of their job prospects, after this the employees will need to be motivated by social factors, where they are allowed to work as a team when solving various problems in the company. After they feel that they can work together they usually end up having a high self esteem, hence the rewards system now applies very well to all the workers in the company. Finally the employees will end up having self-fulfillment in their work and they will work and grow in the company as a whole.

For Herzberg, he felt that his motivation theory needed to be centered on hygiene factors which will lead to their overall satisfaction as workers in the MNC program. For Emmet all the workers need to be proud of their company and do their best to lean new things and be respected as they enjoy what they are doing in the company. To make culturally appropriate program for each country will be a task that will require more research on the lifestyle conditions of people in this other countries, once that is in place then giving the best will be easy.

Making workers satisfaction a reality will need leaders who have the leadership skills to do so. Leadership by example will be very appropriate to make use of. Only good leaders will achieve their end goals and objective and will be followed with loyalty. These leaders will be required to lead following their own rules which they did set since inception of the program. Performance monitoring tools will be essential to ascertain whether there are improvements in the total motivation given to the workers. 

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