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In modern management control is an indicator of various types, that allows company to achieve its goals. The process of assessing the actual situation in the company, followed by a comparison with the development plans of the organization refers to the controlling management function. Based on the features of the theory of control, the control is a continuous process of administrating, monitoring, evaluating and assessing as of the whole organisation performance as of its specific parts/departments.

It is too little to find and bring up good employees, they must be managed effectively and efficiently. Managerial activity is an art, because the manager is working not with a soulless machine, but with people. People are passions, along with outstanding professional skills they possess disgusting nature or bad habits. Of course, leadership skills are effective tool to manage people, adequate implementation of these talents in the organization can not please everyone. Leadership position involves the ability to organize monitoring of the activities of the staff. Control strictly necessary, in order to insure that the work was done in time and with high quality, but the control should not be intimidate and proactive.

The main thing in effective controlling is to create quality personnel control system that would observe the norms of local politics, the benefits of the common performance, and psychological comfort of subordinates. Control should not cause pressure during which die motivation for the task realization and the desire to work. It should not violate human freedom, humiliate and cause irritation.

The process of the appropriate control system adaptation is primarily affected by the type of organization and management practices that are adopted by the firm, the style of leadership that prefers the director or top manager of organization and more others, which directly influence the personnel control system.

Centralized personal control is a good solution for small businesses, where the owner and the manager is very often a single person. He/she personally gives orders and personally contributes to their competent introduction to life, he/she keeps the whole team. Therefore, in these circumstances everything depends on the personal business skills and charisma.

In larger organizations, this approach becomes more difficult and complex. Personal control should be gradually replaced by bureaucratic system of control, or the control of the results. Bureaucratic control is often used in government and commercial organizations. Essentially, it is a system of procedures that establish the order of execution of work and rules of behavior for staff. Total control is the main performance standard. The initiative is not welcome, and everything is subject to clear rules. However, is this style of control can be effective in the modern business conditions, in its dynamic changes, in the stimulation of personnel creativity? Of course, not, this control strategy kills any personnel initiatives, willing to make the work better and to bring new ideas into the company performance.

Control strategy of the results is based on the principle of performance assessment. The powerful motivation for employees is to work on the result. The more profit they will bring the company, more honour, respect they will receive as an awards from the leader of the company. Naturally, this method is not suitable for non-manufacturing organizations and government agencies, because there it is difficult to choose what can be an indicator of performance. Therefore, it is hard to imagine how this method can motivate employees to be creative with the work they perform and with ideas that they are working at.

Another method refers to the one that promotes cultural control. This method is usually seen in family firms or companies, where there is a high level of corporate culture. Usually acceptable to those involved in the provision of professional services, such as law firms or audit. Employees share common goals, objectives and aspirations, so tight control they do not need. The employees complete freedom to make their own decisions about the quality performance of their obligations. However, any system of control will not bear fruit, unless the business will consider the psychology and behavior of its employees. Anyone with a child is not inclined to feel pressure from above, he/she rebels, when he/she feels that the one is deprived of the right to freedom of choice.

Corporate culture creation is rather popular method of control in today’s world. Lots of famous companies are used it in order to motivate people to enjoy their work and to involve them into the company’s performance, where everyone can share his/her thoughts, ideas about the company’s performance improvement. Control through the culture makes people to be proud of the company that they are working for. It is the best motivation to perform one’s day to day task as best as it possible, to be creative in order to make company more profitable than it is. It is well known that the hardest to control is the behaviour of the person, otherwise the behaviour control the effectiveness of the employee’s performance. Corporate culture impacts behaviour of employees, paying their attention to the quality of their performance and giving them understanding that they are part of the company.

Comparing the control methods, in the dynamic environment of the company performance it is necessary to control employees through the methods that increase their work effectiveness and creativity, as a result this purpose can be easily implemented through the control via organisational culture. Every action should give benefits for the company, and the growth and prosperity is done through the company’s personnel, that should be pleased, because they put their strength, creativity and initiative in the development of the definite enterprise.

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