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There is an opportunity for improvement, the management should establish the right protocol to be followed in assigning duties to the workers, it is evident from the case study that there is confusion in the way duties should be done. This has led to a conflict between the Clinicians and the nursing department. In one specific case the admissions clerk complains, “If someone would let us know once in a while what they’re doing with patients in this place, maybe we could do our jobs!” the way this clerk has expressed himself shows that there is a role confusion which should be sorted out. The improvement can be made by specifying the role to be played by each Department.

The performance improvement team is very appropriate in this context, for this organization to be improved; factor affecting performance should be analyzed. The workers should be supported by instituting and sustaining the identified factors. The performance improvement team through its supervisor should support the workers in relation to the following factors; Job expectation, performance feedback, good physical environment, creation of motivation and incentives and acquisition of skills and knowledge. However, the management should take its responsibility to ensure that the performance improvement team delivers. In this case study there is a gap in performance due to the missing factors. There is need for an intervention because the workers are lacking information on what is expected of them, there should be implementation of written policies, description of job and specified directions.

According to my knowledge on Hospital organization the performance improvement team should be composed of the following Pharmacy coordinator, nursing coordinator, administrative personnel and several members of pharmacy and nursing staffs. The inclusion of the individuals from each of the above section ensures that performance of all the employees is analyzed and improved.

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