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According to the example, supply managers maintain different types of tasks. Their responsibilities might even combine unrelated problems that are connected to the process of cooking (production) meals. In Chili’s restaurant the analogy of supply manager can be the production, purchasing and logistics managers. Supply manager combines all these positions in order to simplify the production process and to increase the quality of whole restaurant management.

To prevent the “simple sandwich” problem the company should develop the standardized procedures where all the needed ingredients, their quantity and brand name would be written. Also all the actions that should be made during the cooking process should be written in order to prevent misunderstanding. The quantity, quality, size, design of the ready product should be entered into the standardization document. All these recommendations will give total understanding of cooking process for employees and managers will have more possibilities to control employees and the product quality.

I have invited my friends at home and we decided to make the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After everyone has made their sandwiches I noticed that none of them were alike. This is the fact because everyone had his/her own tastes and the promotion of used ingredients was different. We then tried to write the descriptions of these products. We had a lot of confrontations because of differences in points of views and tastes, but at the end we have found the consensus. Otherwise, I think that in restaurants the cooking descriptions should be developed by the chef or production/supply manager.

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