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Team work is a very popular and highly effective method to organise the company’s performance. Working within the team brings more positive results to every field of the company’s performance and gives more ideas, solutions, propositions, discussions. Team makes a synergetic effect that increases the work effectiveness and efficiency in 2 or even 3 times. Virtual team is a good decision to increase the effectiveness and decrease expenditures. It is a good solution for the company that has project work organisation, innovation teams, research and development and IT departments, software development groups etc. Virtual team building is highly efficient, because such teams can be created from highly proficient and creative people from different parts of the world with different types of intellection, personality, character, skills, and hobbies. The main characteristics for the virtual team member are the level of proficiency, communication type, personal characteristics (honest, calm, etc), team building abilities, high level of flexibility and adoptability.

Mind mapping is a very useful tool nowadays. It may seem that it is not very valuable today, but it is just from the first look. Self-development and changing is the hardest work for every person and it is well known that if you want to change something in your organisation or even in the world, you have to start from yourself. Everyone has faced the problem with laziness and need time to relax to change the one’s thoughts. This happens because our right hemisphere “protests” and wants to create, play, or relax. It is natural that everyone needs to have breaks during work performance; they are used to watching TV, reading newspaper or magazine, Internet searching, etc. This time was spent without any purpose, it was just lost. Mind mapping is the best solution, because during working with such programs we can plan and draw, work and relax simultaneously. By the way, it is a good method for self-organisation, self-development and planning. It would be useful for the individualisation of projects, schemes, planning, effective work organisation, processes building in the organisation and school.

Some decades ago people were very different throughout the world, they looked different, spoke different, had different thoughts and tests, etc. Everything has changed, within the globalisation the world became flat. Nowadays the majority of people eat the same food, drink the same beverages, watch the same videos, news, films, listen to the similar music, have resembling fashion and read cognate literature, as a result people start to think similarly. With the Internet creation and the decrease of personal communication, the line between people almost disappeared. With the increase of virtual communication people started to perceive what person on the other side may feel. We start to adopt special terms and idioms to show how one’s may feel. We started to think more about people’s feelings and thoughts in order to understand, sometimes even, untold things. We have started to exist in each one simultaneously.

TED is a great technology that develops our world. This new device changed traditional thinking about information; it is the next era after the Internet one. This technology would bring people as much information as would be needed on any topic, person, event, etc. It would make a breakthrough in learning, teaching and training areas. It would make information learning and cognition processes easier and more entertaining. It would provide people with any information and about any question that have raised during the class. Children and teachers would be able to receive as much information as they even cannot imagine, this would bring to the rapid intellectual development and broadening of ones’ outlook. Teachers would be able to show more videos, films related to the discussed topic and use projecting schemes to draw and write one’s thoughts, assignments, tasks, etc.

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